Allure of the Seas

Allure of the Seas

The revolutionary design of Allure of the Seas will fill your days at sea with wonder: wake to two-story ocean views in our contemporary Loft Suites, hop onto a classic, full-sized carousel in our Boardwalk neighborhood, spend some quiet time in our adults-only Solarium, and let the kids' imaginations run wild in our Youth Zone - the largest dedicated youth area at sea.

Sail Date Destination Departs Nights Price Save Discount
Sep 07, 2014Caribbean - WesternFt. Lauderdale, Florida07$749
Onboard Credit!
Sep 14, 2014Caribbean - EasternFt. Lauderdale, Florida07$789 
Sep 21, 2014Caribbean - WesternFt. Lauderdale, Florida07$759
Onboard Credit!
Sep 28, 2014Caribbean - EasternFt. Lauderdale, Florida07$749 
Oct 05, 2014Caribbean - WesternFt. Lauderdale, Florida07$749
Onboard Credit!
Oct 12, 2014Caribbean - EasternFt. Lauderdale, Florida07$649 
Oct 19, 2014Caribbean - WesternFt. Lauderdale, Florida07$699
Onboard Credit!
Oct 26, 2014Caribbean - EasternFt. Lauderdale, Florida07$649
Onboard Credit!
Nov 02, 2014Caribbean - WesternFt. Lauderdale, Florida07$699 
Nov 09, 2014Caribbean - EasternFt. Lauderdale, Florida07$799 
Nov 16, 2014Caribbean - WesternFt. Lauderdale, Florida07$712 
Nov 23, 2014Caribbean - EasternFt. Lauderdale, Florida07$862 
Nov 30, 2014Caribbean - WesternFt. Lauderdale, Florida07$649 
Dec 07, 2014Caribbean - EasternFt. Lauderdale, Florida07$802 
Dec 14, 2014Caribbean - WesternFt. Lauderdale, Florida07$802
Onboard Credit!
Dec 21, 2014Caribbean - EasternFt. Lauderdale, Florida07$1,579
Onboard Credit!
Dec 28, 2014Caribbean - WesternFt. Lauderdale, Florida07$1,799$25 Onboard Credit per Stateroom
Jan 04, 2015Caribbean - EasternFt. Lauderdale, Florida07$1,027
Onboard Credit!
Jan 11, 2015Caribbean - WesternFt. Lauderdale, Florida07$892$50 ONBOARD CREDIT
Jan 18, 2015Caribbean - EasternFt. Lauderdale, Florida07$899 
Jan 25, 2015Caribbean - WesternFt. Lauderdale, Florida07$599$50 Onboard Credit per Stateroom
Feb 01, 2015Caribbean - EasternFt. Lauderdale, Florida07$869
Onboard Credit!
Feb 08, 2015Caribbean - WesternFt. Lauderdale, Florida07$862$50 Onboard Credit per Stateroom
Feb 15, 2015Caribbean - EasternFt. Lauderdale, Florida07$1,102
Onboard Credit!
Feb 22, 2015Caribbean - WesternFt. Lauderdale, Florida07$772
Onboard Credit!
Mar 01, 2015Caribbean - EasternFt. Lauderdale, Florida07$818$25 ONBOARD CREDIT
Mar 08, 2015Caribbean - WesternFt. Lauderdale, Florida07$869 
Mar 15, 2015Caribbean - EasternFt. Lauderdale, Florida07$872$25 Onboard Credit per Stateroom
Mar 22, 2015Caribbean - WesternFt. Lauderdale, Florida07$914
Onboard Credit!
Mar 29, 2015Caribbean - EasternFt. Lauderdale, Florida07$1,169$25 ONBOARD CREDIT
Apr 05, 2015Caribbean - WesternFt. Lauderdale, Florida07$900$25 ONBOARD CREDIT
Apr 12, 2015Caribbean - EasternFt. Lauderdale, Florida07$713$50 Onboard Credit per Stateroom
Apr 19, 2015TransatlanticFt. Lauderdale, Florida12$899
Onboard Credit!
May 19, 2015MediterraneanBarcelona, Spain05$697$50 Onboard Credit per Stateroom
May 21, 2015MediterraneanCivitavecchia, Italy07$1,777$50 ONBOARD CREDIT
May 24, 2015MediterraneanBarcelona, Spain07$1,619 
May 28, 2015MediterraneanCivitavecchia, Italy07$1,687
Onboard Credit!
May 31, 2015MediterraneanBarcelona, Spain07$1,029$50 ONBOARD CREDIT
Jun 04, 2015MediterraneanCivitavecchia, Italy07$1,139$50 Onboard Credit per Stateroom
Jun 07, 2015MediterraneanBarcelona, Spain07$1,769
Onboard Credit!
Jun 11, 2015MediterraneanCivitavecchia, Italy07$1,139$50 ONBOARD CREDIT
Jun 14, 2015MediterraneanBarcelona, Spain07$1,189$50 Onboard Credit per Stateroom
Jun 18, 2015MediterraneanCivitavecchia, Italy07$2,032
Onboard Credit!
Jun 21, 2015MediterraneanBarcelona, Spain07$2,032
Onboard Credit!
Jun 25, 2015MediterraneanCivitavecchia, Italy07$1,882
Onboard Credit!
Jun 28, 2015MediterraneanBarcelona, Spain07$1,329$50 ONBOARD CREDIT
Jul 02, 2015MediterraneanCivitavecchia, Italy07$1,732$50 Onboard Credit per Stateroom
Jul 05, 2015MediterraneanBarcelona, Spain07$1,717 
Jul 09, 2015MediterraneanCivitavecchia, Italy07$1,267$50 ONBOARD CREDIT
Jul 12, 2015MediterraneanBarcelona, Spain07$1,642 
Jul 16, 2015MediterraneanCivitavecchia, Italy07$1,882 
Jul 19, 2015MediterraneanBarcelona, Spain07$1,679 
Jul 23, 2015MediterraneanCivitavecchia, Italy07$1,589
Onboard Credit!
Jul 26, 2015MediterraneanBarcelona, Spain07$1,449$50 ONBOARD CREDIT
Jul 30, 2015MediterraneanCivitavecchia, Italy07$1,679 
Aug 02, 2015MediterraneanBarcelona, Spain07$1,514$50 Onboard Credit per Stateroom
Aug 06, 2015MediterraneanCivitavecchia, Italy07$1,514
Onboard Credit!
Aug 09, 2015MediterraneanBarcelona, Spain07$1,359$50 ONBOARD CREDIT
Aug 13, 2015MediterraneanCivitavecchia, Italy07$1,784
Onboard Credit!
Aug 16, 2015MediterraneanBarcelona, Spain07$1,379
Onboard Credit!
Aug 20, 2015MediterraneanCivitavecchia, Italy07$1,522
Onboard Credit!
Aug 23, 2015MediterraneanBarcelona, Spain07$1,544
Onboard Credit!
Aug 27, 2015MediterraneanCivitavecchia, Italy07$1,732
Onboard Credit!
Aug 30, 2015MediterraneanBarcelona, Spain07$1,099$50 ONBOARD CREDIT
Sep 03, 2015MediterraneanCivitavecchia, Italy07$1,612 
Sep 06, 2015MediterraneanBarcelona, Spain07$939$50 ONBOARD CREDIT
Sep 10, 2015MediterraneanCivitavecchia, Italy07$1,424
Onboard Credit!
Sep 13, 2015MediterraneanBarcelona, Spain07$1,004$50 Onboard Credit per Stateroom
Sep 17, 2015MediterraneanCivitavecchia, Italy07$1,087
Onboard Credit!
Sep 20, 2015MediterraneanBarcelona, Spain07$1,154
Onboard Credit!
Sep 24, 2015MediterraneanCivitavecchia, Italy07$1,087
Onboard Credit!
Sep 27, 2015MediterraneanBarcelona, Spain07$939$50 ONBOARD CREDIT
Oct 01, 2015MediterraneanCivitavecchia, Italy07$907$50 ONBOARD CREDIT
Oct 04, 2015MediterraneanBarcelona, Spain07$1,162 
Oct 08, 2015MediterraneanCivitavecchia, Italy07$1,087
Onboard Credit!
Oct 11, 2015MediterraneanBarcelona, Spain07$914 
Oct 15, 2015MediterraneanCivitavecchia, Italy07$899
Onboard Credit!
Oct 18, 2015MediterraneanBarcelona, Spain07$854
Onboard Credit!
Oct 22, 2015MediterraneanCivitavecchia, Italy03$798
Onboard Credit!
Oct 25, 2015TransatlanticBarcelona, Spain12$1,019 
Nov 06, 2015BahamasFt. Lauderdale, Florida02$329$100 ONBOARD CREDIT
Nov 08, 2015Caribbean - EasternFt. Lauderdale, Florida07$692 
Nov 15, 2015Caribbean - WesternFt. Lauderdale, Florida07$679$100 ONBOARD CREDIT
Nov 22, 2015Caribbean - EasternFt. Lauderdale, Florida07$820$75 Onboard Credit per Stateroom
Nov 29, 2015Caribbean - WesternFt. Lauderdale, Florida07$700
Onboard Credit!
Dec 06, 2015Caribbean - EasternFt. Lauderdale, Florida07$699$100 ONBOARD CREDIT
Dec 13, 2015Caribbean - WesternFt. Lauderdale, Florida07$775 
Dec 20, 2015Caribbean - EasternFt. Lauderdale, Florida07$1,147$50 Onboard Credit per Stateroom
Dec 27, 2015Caribbean - WesternFt. Lauderdale, Florida07$1,315$50 ONBOARD CREDIT
Jan 03, 2016Caribbean - EasternFt. Lauderdale, Florida07$830$50 ONBOARD CREDIT
Jan 10, 2016Caribbean - WesternFt. Lauderdale, Florida07$729$100 Onboard Credit per Stateroom
Jan 17, 2016Caribbean - EasternFt. Lauderdale, Florida07$794
Onboard Credit!
Jan 24, 2016Caribbean - WesternFt. Lauderdale, Florida07$757$100 ONBOARD CREDIT
Jan 31, 2016Caribbean - EasternFt. Lauderdale, Florida07$772
Onboard Credit!
Feb 07, 2016Caribbean - WesternFt. Lauderdale, Florida07$754$100 ONBOARD CREDIT
Feb 14, 2016Caribbean - EasternFt. Lauderdale, Florida07$700$100 Onboard Credit per Stateroom
Feb 21, 2016Caribbean - WesternFt. Lauderdale, Florida07$679
Onboard Credit!
Feb 28, 2016Caribbean - EasternFt. Lauderdale, Florida07$742$75 ONBOARD CREDIT
Mar 06, 2016Caribbean - WesternFt. Lauderdale, Florida07$700$75 ONBOARD CREDIT
Mar 13, 2016Caribbean - EasternFt. Lauderdale, Florida07$742$75 Onboard Credit per Stateroom
Mar 20, 2016Caribbean - WesternFt. Lauderdale, Florida07$907
Onboard Credit!
Mar 27, 2016Caribbean - EasternFt. Lauderdale, Florida07$783$50 ONBOARD CREDIT
Apr 03, 2016Caribbean - WesternFt. Lauderdale, Florida07$700$100 Onboard Credit per Stateroom
Apr 10, 2016Caribbean - EasternFt. Lauderdale, Florida07$794
Onboard Credit!
Apr 17, 2016Caribbean - WesternFt. Lauderdale, Florida07$700$100 ONBOARD CREDIT
Apr 24, 2016Caribbean - EasternFt. Lauderdale, Florida07$735$100 ONBOARD CREDIT
May 01, 2016Caribbean - WesternFt. Lauderdale, Florida07$637$100 ONBOARD CREDIT
May 08, 2016Caribbean - EasternFt. Lauderdale, Florida07$674 
May 15, 2016Caribbean - WesternFt. Lauderdale, Florida07$674$100 Onboard Credit per Stateroom
May 22, 2016Caribbean - EasternFt. Lauderdale, Florida07$712
Onboard Credit!
May 29, 2016Caribbean - WesternFt. Lauderdale, Florida07$674$100 ONBOARD CREDIT