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Our Exclusive Prices for Transatlantic Cruises

The following cruises represent our best 5 exclusive deals for Transatlantic cruises. To see the rest of our Transatlantic cruises, click here.

Sail Date Cruise Line Ship Departs Nights Lowest Price Biggest Savings
Apr 11, 2015Royal CaribbeanVision of the SeasTampa, Florida15$68939%
Apr 27, 2015NorwegianNorwegian StarMiami, Florida14$73454%
Jul 22, 2015CunardQueen Mary Southampton, England8$150920%
Aug 4, 2015CunardQueen Mary New York (Brooklyn), NY15$30460%
Aug 12, 2015Holland AmericaVeendamAmsterdam, Holland17$419943%

All Transatlantic Cruises

Sail Date Cruise Line Ship Destination Departs Nights Price You Save Discounts
Jan 03, 2015CunardQueen Mary TransatlanticNew York (Brooklyn), NY07
Jan 20, 2015OceaniaInsigniaTransatlanticBridgetown, Barbados26
Onboard Credit!
Jan 20, 2015CunardQueen VictoriaTransatlanticSouthampton, England13
Jan 20, 2015CunardQueen VictoriaWorld CruiseSouthampton, England91
Onboard Credit!
Jan 20, 2015CunardQueen VictoriaTransatlanticSouthampton, England95
Onboard Credit!
Jan 20, 2015CunardQueen VictoriaWorld CruiseSouthampton, England103
Jan 20, 2015CunardQueen VictoriaTransatlanticSouthampton, England28
Jan 20, 2015CunardQueen VictoriaTransatlanticSouthampton, England30
Onboard Credit!
Feb 02, 2015CunardQueen VictoriaWorld CruiseFt. Lauderdale, Florida90
Onboard Credit!
Feb 17, 2015CunardQueen VictoriaWorld CruiseLos Angeles (San Pedro)75
Feb 19, 2015CunardQueen VictoriaWorld CruiseSan Francisco, California73
Onboard Credit!
Mar 01, 2015CostaCosta PacificaTransatlanticMontevideo, Uruguay20
Onboard Credit!
Mar 02, 2015CostaCosta PacificaTransatlanticBuenos Aires, Argentina19
Mar 02, 2015CostaCosta PacificaTransatlanticBuenos Aires, Argentina18
Mar 02, 2015CostaCosta PacificaTransatlanticBuenos Aires, Argentina16
Onboard Credit!
Mar 06, 2015CostaCosta PacificaTransatlanticRio De Janeiro, Brazil15
Onboard Credit!
Mar 06, 2015Holland AmericaZuiderdamTransatlanticFt. Lauderdale, Florida25
Onboard Credit!
Mar 06, 2015PrincessIsland PrincessTransatlanticLos Angeles (San Pedro)32
Onboard Credit!
Mar 07, 2015SeabournSeabourn SpiritTransatlanticManaus, Brazil27
Mar 08, 2015SilverseaSilver ExplorerTransatlanticUshuaia, Argentina23
Mar 11, 2015CunardQueen VictoriaWorld CruiseSydney, Australia54
Onboard Credit!
Mar 12, 2015Holland AmericaPrinsendamTransatlanticFt. Lauderdale, Florida55
Mar 12, 2015Holland AmericaPrinsendamTransatlanticFt. Lauderdale, Florida24
Onboard Credit!
Mar 12, 2015Holland AmericaPrinsendamMediterraneanFt. Lauderdale, Florida38
Onboard Credit!
Mar 12, 2015Holland AmericaPrinsendamTransatlanticFt. Lauderdale, Florida47
Onboard Credit!
Mar 13, 2015CostaCosta FortunaTransatlanticPointe-A-Pitre, Guadeloupe23
Onboard Credit!
Mar 14, 2015SeabournSeabourn SpiritTransatlanticBarbados20
Onboard Credit!
Mar 15, 2015SeabournSeabourn LegendTransatlanticSt. Thomas, Virgin Islands20
Onboard Credit!
Mar 15, 2015PonantLe SolealTransatlanticMontevideo, Uruguay20
Onboard Credit!
Mar 15, 2015MSCMSC PreziosaTransatlanticSantos (Sao Paulo), Brazil20
Mar 16, 2015SeabournSeabourn QuestTransatlanticManaus, Brazil29
Onboard Credit!
Mar 16, 2015Holland AmericaZuiderdamTransatlanticFt. Lauderdale, Florida15
Onboard Credit!
Mar 19, 2015CunardQueen VictoriaTransatlanticAuckland, New Zealand46
Onboard Credit!
Mar 20, 2015CostaCosta FortunaTransatlanticPointe-A-Pitre, Guadeloupe15
Mar 20, 2015CostaCosta FortunaTransatlanticPointe-A-Pitre, Guadeloupe16
Mar 20, 2015CostaCosta MediterraneaTransatlanticMiami, Florida16
Mar 20, 2015CostaCosta MediterraneaTransatlanticMiami, Florida22
Mar 21, 2015SeabournSeabourn SpiritTransatlanticSt. Maarten13
Onboard Credit!
Mar 21, 2015PrincessIsland PrincessTransatlanticFt. Lauderdale, Florida17
Onboard Credit!
Mar 22, 2015SeabournSeabourn LegendTransatlanticSt. Thomas, Virgin Islands13
Onboard Credit!

Learn More About Transatlantic Cruises

Transatlantic cruises harken back to the days of travel before airplanes. In the 19th century, the only way to travel to Europe from the United States (and vice versa) was via ship. Many cruise lines offer the modern-day passenger a chance to experience this leisurely mode of travel via a transatlantic itinerary.

Beginning and ending locations vary - some cruise ships leave from New York and end in Southampton, England, while others might travel between Boston and Amsterdam - with ports of call in between. But, on any transatlantic itinerary, you're sure to enjoy several days at sea - plenty of time to enjoy the luxurious amenities on board your cruise ship, from the pampering spa and fine-dining restaurants to the upbeat casino and world-class theatre.

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