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Africa Cruises

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Africa Cruises

Sail Date Cruise Line Ship Destination Departs Length Price You Save Discounts
Oct 24, 2019Costa MediterraneaAfricaSt. Denis14$2,505 
Oct 26, 2019Costa MediterraneaAfricaPort Louis14$2,563 
Oct 31, 2019PrincessSapphire PrincessWorld CruiseSouthampton37$2,651
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Oct 31, 2019PrincessSapphire PrincessMediterraneanSouthampton26$2,651 
Oct 31, 2019Star ClippersRoyal ClipperTransatlanticLisbon16$2,650 
Oct 31, 2019Star ClippersStar FlyerTransatlanticMalaga23$3,420
Nov 02, 2019Costa VictoriaAfricaMaldives7$1,004 
Nov 02, 2019Costa VictoriaAsiaMaldives14$1,824
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Nov 03, 2019MSC PreziosaMediterraneanLisbon9$1,329
Nov 04, 2019PrincessEmerald PrincessWorld CruiseBarcelona29$2,322 
Nov 04, 2019MSC OperaMediterraneanVenice16$1,019 
Nov 05, 2019MSC PreziosaMediterraneanBarcelona9$1,149
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Nov 06, 2019MSC PreziosaMediterraneanMarseille9$2,769
Nov 06, 2019Costa PacificaMediterraneanMarseille11$1,159
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Nov 07, 2019MSC PreziosaMediterraneanGenoa9$2,769
Nov 07, 2019OceaniaNauticaMiddle EastVenice30$5,24972% 
Nov 07, 2019Norwegian JadeMediterraneanCivitavecchia21$699
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Nov 07, 2019Costa MediterraneaAfricaSt. Denis14$2,505 
Nov 08, 2019MSC OperaMediterraneanCivitavecchia11$2,209 
Nov 09, 2019Costa VictoriaAsiaMumbai Bombay7$946 
Nov 09, 2019Costa VictoriaAfricaBombay14$1,881 
Nov 09, 2019MSC OperaMediterraneanGenoa11$669
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Nov 09, 2019Costa MediterraneaAfricaPort Louis14$2,793 
Nov 10, 2019PrincessSapphire PrincessMediterraneanCivitavecchia27$1,631
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Nov 11, 2019MSC BellissimaMiddle EastBarcelona19$1,229 
Nov 12, 2019MSC BellissimaMiddle EastMarseille18$1,289 
Nov 13, 2019Viking JupiterTransatlanticBarcelona22$5,599 
Nov 13, 2019MSC BellissimaMediterraneanGenoa18$1,019
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Nov 13, 2019MSC BellissimaMiddle EastGenoa17$939
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Nov 13, 2019Viking JupiterTransatlanticBarcelona21$5,099
Nov 13, 2019MSC BellissimaMiddle EastGenoa15$829 
Nov 15, 2019PonantLe BougainvilleGreek IslesAthens (Piraeus)10$7,990
Nov 15, 2019MSC PoesiaMediterraneanMarseille11$949
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Nov 15, 2019MSC PoesiaMediterraneanMarseille12$849 
Nov 16, 2019MSC PoesiaMediterraneanBarcelona12$949 
Nov 16, 2019MSC PoesiaMediterraneanBarcelona10$919
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Nov 16, 2019Costa VictoriaAfricaMaldives7$725 
Nov 16, 2019Costa VictoriaAsiaMaldives14$1,017 
Nov 17, 2019OceaniaNauticaMediterraneanCivitavecchia20$4,09971%
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Nov 17, 2019MSC OrchestraAfricaDurban4$419
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Some cruises of the Mediterranean and the Middle East dock in exotic Egypt and Morocco, on the African continent. Whether your itinerary brings you to Alexandria or Port Said, Egypt, you have the opportunity to book a group shore excursion (or a private van and driver) to the Pyramids of Giza and the Sphinx - surely a must-visit when you are in the Cairo area. Otherwise, you might tour the magnificent Egyptian Museum in Cairo (a little more than 3 hours from Alexandria), which is filled with King Tutankhamun's treasures, or head to Sakkara to see the "step pyramid," which dates, incredibly, to the 27th century B.C. It is believed to be the oldest stone structure on earth. Cosmopolitan Casablanca, Morocco, is a bustling port city with opportunities for shopping for local crafts or leather goods. The most popular visitor's attraction here is likely the Hassan II Mosque, the largest mosque in Africa whose tower you can see from your docked cruise ship. Ask locals where you might sample Morocco's national drink, fresh mint tea, or dine on delicious tangine, a rich and fragrant stew, as well as traditional couscous, kebabs and almond pastries.

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