Antarctica Cruises

Antarctica Cruises

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Antarctica Cruises

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Sail Date Cruise Line Ship Destination Departs Nights Price You Save Discounts
Jan 21, 2018Celebrity InfinityAntarcticaBuenos Aires14$2,7992% 
Feb 18, 2018Celebrity InfinityAntarcticaBuenos Aires14$2,90910% 

All Antarctica Cruises

Sail Date Cruise Line Ship Destination Departs Nights Price You Save Discounts
Jan 27, 2017SilverseaSilver ExplorerAntarcticaUshuaia10$29,850 
Jan 31, 2017Holland AmericaZaandamSouth AmericaValparaiso21$4,69960%$75 Onboard Credit per Stateroom
Feb 02, 2017Seabourn QuestSouth AmericaValparaiso57$22,71463% 
Feb 02, 2017PonantLe SolealAntarcticaUshuaia10$9,590
Onboard Credit!
Feb 05, 2017Celebrity InfinitySouth AmericaBuenos Aires14$3,249$25.0 Onboard Credit per Stateroom
Feb 08, 2017Crystal SerenityAntarcticaValparaiso10$3,92550% 
Feb 09, 2017Holland AmericaPrinsendamAntarcticaBuenos Aires30$4,99944% 
Feb 16, 2017SilverseaSilver ExplorerAntarcticaUshuaia10$21,250 
Feb 18, 2017Crystal SerenityAntarcticaUshuaia13$5,10050%
Onboard Credit!
Feb 21, 2017PonantLe SolealAntarcticaUshuaia15$9,980
Onboard Credit!
Feb 22, 2017PonantLe LyrialAntarcticaUshuaia10$8,720 
Feb 23, 2017PonantLe BorealAntarcticaUshuaia10$9,160
Onboard Credit!
Feb 26, 2017SilverseaSilver ExplorerAntarcticaUshuaia10$19,950 
Mar 04, 2017PonantLe LyrialAntarcticaUshuaia21$9,780
Onboard Credit!
Oct 22, 2017Seabourn QuestSouth AmericaMontreal59$27,99949%
Onboard Credit!
Nov 05, 2017Seabourn QuestSouth AmericaMiami45$18,36156%
Onboard Credit!
Nov 15, 2017SilverseaSilver Cloud ExpeditionAntarcticaBuenos Aires16$15,950 
Nov 18, 2017PonantLe BorealAntarcticaUshuaia10$7,675 
Nov 19, 2017PonantLe LyrialAntarcticaMontevideo14$7,755 
Nov 20, 2017SilverseaSilver ExplorerAntarcticaUshuaia18$24,450 
Nov 28, 2017PonantLe BorealAntarcticaUshuaia10$7,675
Onboard Credit!
Nov 29, 2017Seabourn QuestSouth AmericaBuenos Aires21$12,53658% 
Dec 01, 2017SilverseaSilver Cloud ExpeditionAntarcticaUshuaia10$11,450
Onboard Credit!
Dec 03, 2017PonantLe LyrialAntarcticaUshuaia10$7,675
Onboard Credit!
Dec 08, 2017PonantLe BorealAntarcticaUshuaia10$9,561
Onboard Credit!
Dec 08, 2017SilverseaSilver ExplorerAntarcticaUshuaia10$11,450 
Dec 11, 2017SilverseaSilver Cloud ExpeditionAntarcticaUshuaia10$15,150
Onboard Credit!
Dec 15, 2017Holland AmericaZaandamSouth AmericaValparaiso22$3,49957% 
Dec 18, 2017PonantLe BorealAntarcticaUshuaia10$7,675
Onboard Credit!
Dec 18, 2017SilverseaSilver ExplorerAntarcticaUshuaia18$21,250 
Dec 19, 2017PonantLe SolealAntarcticaUshuaia16$15,864
Onboard Credit!
Dec 20, 2017Seabourn QuestSouth AmericaValparaiso24$14,46459%
Onboard Credit!
Dec 21, 2017SilverseaSilver Cloud ExpeditionAntarcticaUshuaia19$22,450
Onboard Credit!
Dec 28, 2017PonantLe BorealAntarcticaUshuaia10$8,540 
Jan 03, 2018Holland AmericaPrinsendamSouth AmericaFt. Lauderdale68$14,39920%
Onboard Credit!
Jan 03, 2018SilverseaSilver ShadowAsiaSydney18$8,450 
Jan 04, 2018PonantLe SolealAntarcticaUshuaia10$7,670 
Jan 05, 2018SilverseaSilver ExplorerAntarcticaUshuaia18$25,850
Onboard Credit!
Jan 06, 2018Holland AmericaZaandamSouth AmericaBuenos Aires22$3,69965%
Onboard Credit!
Jan 09, 2018SilverseaSilver Cloud ExpeditionAntarcticaUshuaia10$11,350 

Learn More About Antarctica Cruises

<p>Cruising to Antarctica may introduce you to some very cold and very remote conditions, but on a trip toward the South Pole, you will be rewarded with utterly spectacular glacial scenery - frosted works of art carved by wind and water erosion. Spot sea lions sunning themselves on ice floats, perhaps a whale breaching in the frigid water, and of course, plenty of penguins! This is one vacation where you definitely want to make sure you bring your camera's battery charger; you'll be snapping plenty of photos of the extraordinary sights that many travelers will simply never see -- lucky you!</p> <p>Antarctica cruises typically begin and end in Ushuaia, Argentina, the southernmost city in the world. Here, spend some time in Tierra del Fuego National Park, with its dramatic scenery: mountains, glaciers, forests and waterfalls. Or take a boat ride to visit the sea lion colonies in Beagle Channel. If you are feeling particularly energetic, take the rugged hike to the top of Martial Glacier for stupendous views of the bay below.</p>

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