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Bermuda Cruises

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Bermuda Cruises

Sail Date Cruise Line Ship Destination Departs Length Price You Save Discounts
May 30, 2019Royal CaribbeanGrandeur of the SeasBahamasBaltimore9$1,984 
May 31, 2019Norwegian GemBermudaBoston7$47963%
Onboard Credit!
Jun 02, 2019Norwegian EscapeBermudaNew York (Manhattan)7$34975%
Onboard Credit!
Jun 05, 2019Celebrity SummitBermudaBayonne11$424
Onboard Credit!
Jun 07, 2019Norwegian GemBermudaBoston7$49961%
Onboard Credit!
Jun 09, 2019Norwegian EscapeBermudaNew York (Manhattan)7$44970% 
Jun 14, 2019Royal CaribbeanAdventure of the SeasBahamasBayonne8$1,843
Jun 14, 2019Norwegian GemBermudaBoston7$54960%
Onboard Credit!
Jun 16, 2019Norwegian EscapeBermudaNew York (Manhattan)7$599
Onboard Credit!
Jun 16, 2019Celebrity SummitBermudaBayonne11$404
Onboard Credit!
Jun 20, 2019Royal CaribbeanAnthem of the SeasCaribbean - EasternBayonne9$1,018 
Jun 20, 2019Carnival SunriseBermudaNew York (Manhattan)4$1,229 
Jun 21, 2019Norwegian GemBermudaBoston7$74948%
Onboard Credit!
Jun 23, 2019Norwegian EscapeBermudaNew York (Manhattan)7$62964%
Onboard Credit!
Jun 24, 2019Carnival SunriseBermudaNew York (Manhattan)8$1,109 
Jun 28, 2019Norwegian GemBermudaBoston7$69951% 
Jun 30, 2019Carnival PrideBermudaBaltimore7$1,369 
Jun 30, 2019Norwegian EscapeBermudaNew York (Manhattan)7$749 
Jul 05, 2019Norwegian GemBermudaBoston7$79944% 
Jul 06, 2019Royal CaribbeanGrandeur of the SeasBermudaBaltimore5$1,019 
Jul 07, 2019Norwegian EscapeBermudaNew York (Manhattan)7$699
Onboard Credit!
Jul 07, 2019Celebrity SummitBermudaBayonne7$699
Onboard Credit!
Jul 12, 2019Royal CaribbeanAdventure of the SeasBahamasBayonne8$1,684
Onboard Credit!
Jul 12, 2019Norwegian GemBermudaBoston7$64955%
Onboard Credit!
Jul 13, 2019Royal CaribbeanAnthem of the SeasBermudaBayonne5$1,048
Onboard Credit!
Jul 14, 2019Norwegian EscapeBermudaNew York (Manhattan)7$69960%
Onboard Credit!
Jul 14, 2019Celebrity SummitBermudaBayonne7$649
Onboard Credit!
Jul 18, 2019Royal CaribbeanAnthem of the SeasCaribbean - EasternBayonne9$1,348 
Jul 18, 2019Carnival SunriseBermudaNew York (Manhattan)4$779 
Jul 19, 2019Norwegian GemBermudaBoston7$69951%
Onboard Credit!
Jul 20, 2019Royal CaribbeanGrandeur of the SeasBermudaBaltimore5$899 
Jul 21, 2019Norwegian EscapeBermudaNew York (Manhattan)7$699 
Jul 21, 2019Celebrity SummitBermudaBayonne7$649
Onboard Credit!
Jul 26, 2019Royal CaribbeanAdventure of the SeasBahamasBayonne8$1,652 
Jul 26, 2019Norwegian GemBermudaBoston7$69951% 
Jul 27, 2019Royal CaribbeanAnthem of the SeasBermudaBayonne5$948 
Jul 28, 2019Norwegian EscapeBermudaNew York (Manhattan)7$699 
Jul 28, 2019OceaniaInsigniaCaribbean - SouthernMiami14$1,79979% 
Jul 28, 2019Celebrity SummitBermudaBayonne7$599
Onboard Credit!
Aug 01, 2019Royal CaribbeanAnthem of the SeasCaribbean - EasternBayonne9$1,229 

Learn More About Bermuda Cruises

The "Jewel of the Atlantic," Bermuda attracts cruisers with its pink-sand beaches, limestone cliffs, interesting historic sites and warm, friendly people. Bermuda is hundreds of miles north of the Caribbean islands - it's actually just 650 miles due east of North Carolina -- making it a popular cruise destination for visitors from the Northeast United States. Itineraries that highlight a multi-night stay in Bermuda depart from such ports as Boston, Baltimore and New York City.

The island's pink beaches are actually a combination of crushed coral, calcium carbonate and the shells of tiny single-celled animals called Foraminifera. Interestingly, there are no rivers or lakes in Bermuda, so fresh water is often collected via sloped roofs that channel rain to underground tanks. The weather is typically moderate - not too hot and not too cold. May through October are the warmest months, when the thermometer hovers between 75 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit. A British overseas territory, Bermuda is just 21 square miles; it's not just one island, but comprised of 181 coral islands and islets - connected by bridges and a causeway.

Bermuda food specialties include lobster, rockfish, red snapper and the Bermuda onion; traditional dishes feature black-eyed peas and pawpaw fruit. Colorful rum drinks that originated on Bermuda are the Dark and Stormy and the Rum Swizzle - enjoy eating and drinking like the locals!

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