Costa Smeralda

Costa Smeralda is the ship that is the symbol of beauty, style and Italian hospitality. Its spaces take the name of and inspiration from the squares of the “Bel Paese” of Italy. An unforgettable experience to share with the people you love.

    • 182700

    • Tonnage
    • 2019

    • Built Year
    • 6518

    • Pax Capacity
    • 5

    • Bars
    • 4

    • Pools
    • 1

    • Casinos


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Sail Date Cruise Line Ship Destination Departs Length Price You Save Discounts
Nov 30, 2019Costa SmeraldaMediterraneanSavona7$1,215
Onboard Credit!
Dec 01, 2019Costa SmeraldaMediterraneanMarseille7$1,253
Dec 02, 2019Costa SmeraldaMediterraneanBarcelona7$1,225
Onboard Credit!
Dec 05, 2019Costa SmeraldaMediterraneanCivitavecchia7$908 
Dec 07, 2019Costa SmeraldaMediterraneanSavona7$1,081
Onboard Credit!
Dec 09, 2019Costa SmeraldaMediterraneanBarcelona7$1,263 
Dec 12, 2019Costa SmeraldaMediterraneanCivitavecchia7$581 
Dec 14, 2019Costa SmeraldaMediterraneanSavona7$677 
Dec 15, 2019Costa SmeraldaMediterraneanMarseille7$917 
Dec 16, 2019Costa SmeraldaMediterraneanBarcelona7$1,186
Dec 19, 2019Costa SmeraldaMediterraneanCivitavecchia7$917 
Dec 21, 2019Costa SmeraldaMediterraneanSavona7$917
Onboard Credit!
Dec 22, 2019Costa SmeraldaMediterraneanMarseille7$917
Onboard Credit!
Dec 23, 2019Costa SmeraldaMediterraneanBarcelona7$1,129
Onboard Credit!
Dec 26, 2019Costa SmeraldaMediterraneanCivitavecchia7$1,013
Onboard Credit!
Dec 28, 2019Costa SmeraldaMediterraneanSavona7$1,013 
Dec 29, 2019Costa SmeraldaMediterraneanMarseille7$1,013
Onboard Credit!
Dec 30, 2019Costa SmeraldaMediterraneanBarcelona7$1,157 
Jan 02, 2020Costa SmeraldaMediterraneanCivitavecchia7$687
Onboard Credit!
Jan 04, 2020Costa SmeraldaMediterraneanSavona7$687 
Jan 05, 2020Costa SmeraldaMediterraneanMarseille7$687
Onboard Credit!
Jan 06, 2020Costa SmeraldaMediterraneanBarcelona7$802 
Jan 09, 2020Costa SmeraldaMediterraneanCivitavecchia7$639 
Jan 11, 2020Costa SmeraldaMediterraneanSavona7$639 
Jan 12, 2020Costa SmeraldaMediterraneanMarseille7$735 
Jan 13, 2020Costa SmeraldaMediterraneanBarcelona7$754 
Jan 16, 2020Costa SmeraldaMediterraneanCivitavecchia7$639
Onboard Credit!
Jan 18, 2020Costa SmeraldaMediterraneanSavona7$639 
Jan 19, 2020Costa SmeraldaMediterraneanMarseille7$639
Onboard Credit!
Jan 20, 2020Costa SmeraldaMediterraneanBarcelona7$754 
Jan 23, 2020Costa SmeraldaMediterraneanCivitavecchia7$639
Onboard Credit!
Jan 25, 2020Costa SmeraldaMediterraneanSavona7$639 
Jan 26, 2020Costa SmeraldaMediterraneanMarseille7$639
Onboard Credit!
Jan 27, 2020Costa SmeraldaMediterraneanBarcelona7$639
Onboard Credit!
Jan 30, 2020Costa SmeraldaMediterraneanCivitavecchia7$697
Onboard Credit!
Feb 01, 2020Costa SmeraldaMediterraneanSavona7$639 
Feb 02, 2020Costa SmeraldaMediterraneanMarseille7$639
Onboard Credit!
Feb 03, 2020Costa SmeraldaMediterraneanBarcelona7$639 
Feb 06, 2020Costa SmeraldaMediterraneanCivitavecchia7$639 
Feb 08, 2020Costa SmeraldaMediterraneanSavona7$639
Onboard Credit!
Feb 09, 2020Costa SmeraldaMediterraneanMarseille7$754
Onboard Credit!
Feb 10, 2020Costa SmeraldaMediterraneanBarcelona7$639
Onboard Credit!
Feb 13, 2020Costa SmeraldaMediterraneanCivitavecchia7$639
Onboard Credit!
Feb 15, 2020Costa SmeraldaMediterraneanSavona7$639
Onboard Credit!
Feb 16, 2020Costa SmeraldaMediterraneanMarseille7$754 
Feb 17, 2020Costa SmeraldaMediterraneanBarcelona7$639 
Feb 20, 2020Costa SmeraldaMediterraneanCivitavecchia7$697 
Feb 22, 2020Costa SmeraldaMediterraneanSavona7$639
Onboard Credit!
Feb 23, 2020Costa SmeraldaMediterraneanMarseille7$754 
Feb 24, 2020Costa SmeraldaMediterraneanBarcelona7$697
Onboard Credit!
Feb 27, 2020Costa SmeraldaMediterraneanCivitavecchia7$639 
Feb 29, 2020Costa SmeraldaMediterraneanSavona7$639
Onboard Credit!
Mar 01, 2020Costa SmeraldaMediterraneanMarseille7$754
Onboard Credit!
Mar 02, 2020Costa SmeraldaMediterraneanBarcelona7$639 
Mar 05, 2020Costa SmeraldaMediterraneanCivitavecchia7$697
Onboard Credit!
Mar 07, 2020Costa SmeraldaMediterraneanSavona7$639 
Mar 08, 2020Costa SmeraldaMediterraneanMarseille7$639 
Mar 09, 2020Costa SmeraldaMediterraneanBarcelona7$639 
Mar 12, 2020Costa SmeraldaMediterraneanCivitavecchia7$639
Onboard Credit!
Mar 14, 2020Costa SmeraldaMediterraneanSavona7$639
Onboard Credit!
Mar 15, 2020Costa SmeraldaMediterraneanMarseille7$639 
Mar 16, 2020Costa SmeraldaMediterraneanBarcelona7$639
Onboard Credit!
Mar 19, 2020Costa SmeraldaMediterraneanCivitavecchia7$754 
Mar 21, 2020Costa SmeraldaMediterraneanSavona7$639 
Mar 22, 2020Costa SmeraldaMediterraneanMarseille7$639 
Mar 23, 2020Costa SmeraldaMediterraneanBarcelona7$754
Onboard Credit!
Mar 26, 2020Costa SmeraldaMediterraneanCivitavecchia7$735 
Mar 28, 2020Costa SmeraldaMediterraneanSavona7$735
Onboard Credit!
Mar 29, 2020Costa SmeraldaMediterraneanMarseille7$735
Onboard Credit!
Mar 30, 2020Costa SmeraldaMediterraneanBarcelona7$793
Onboard Credit!
Apr 02, 2020Costa SmeraldaMediterraneanCivitavecchia7$793
Onboard Credit!
Apr 04, 2020Costa SmeraldaMediterraneanSavona7$908
Onboard Credit!
Apr 05, 2020Costa SmeraldaMediterraneanMarseille7$850 
Apr 06, 2020Costa SmeraldaMediterraneanBarcelona7$793 
Apr 09, 2020Costa SmeraldaMediterraneanCivitavecchia7$879
Onboard Credit!
Apr 11, 2020Costa SmeraldaMediterraneanSavona7$879 
Apr 12, 2020Costa SmeraldaMediterraneanMarseille7$994
Onboard Credit!
Apr 13, 2020Costa SmeraldaMediterraneanBarcelona7$879
Onboard Credit!
Apr 16, 2020Costa SmeraldaMediterraneanCivitavecchia7$783 
Apr 18, 2020Costa SmeraldaMediterraneanSavona7$783 
Apr 19, 2020Costa SmeraldaMediterraneanMarseille7$898
Onboard Credit!
Apr 20, 2020Costa SmeraldaMediterraneanBarcelona7$783 
Apr 23, 2020Costa SmeraldaMediterraneanCivitavecchia7$735
Onboard Credit!
Apr 25, 2020Costa SmeraldaMediterraneanSavona7$735
Onboard Credit!
Apr 26, 2020Costa SmeraldaMediterraneanMarseille7$850 
Apr 27, 2020Costa SmeraldaMediterraneanBarcelona7$735
Onboard Credit!
Apr 30, 2020Costa SmeraldaMediterraneanCivitavecchia7$735 
May 02, 2020Costa SmeraldaMediterraneanSavona7$735
Onboard Credit!
May 03, 2020Costa SmeraldaMediterraneanMarseille7$735 
May 04, 2020Costa SmeraldaMediterraneanBarcelona7$735
Onboard Credit!
May 07, 2020Costa SmeraldaMediterraneanCivitavecchia7$735 
May 09, 2020Costa SmeraldaMediterraneanSavona7$735
Onboard Credit!
May 10, 2020Costa SmeraldaMediterraneanMarseille7$735 
May 11, 2020Costa SmeraldaMediterraneanBarcelona7$735
Onboard Credit!
May 14, 2020Costa SmeraldaMediterraneanCivitavecchia7$735
Onboard Credit!
May 16, 2020Costa SmeraldaMediterraneanSavona7$735
Onboard Credit!
May 17, 2020Costa SmeraldaMediterraneanMarseille7$735 
May 18, 2020Costa SmeraldaMediterraneanBarcelona7$735
Onboard Credit!

Ship Information

  • Maiden Voyage: 2019
  • Tonnage: 182,700 tons
  • Length: 1,105.00 feet
  • Avg Speed: 21.00
  • Passenger Capacity: 6,518
  • Cabin Features

    • Babysitting
    • Children Activities
    • Children Playroom
    • Hairdryer
    • Telephone
    • Television
    • 24-Hour Room Service
    • Youth Program
  • Special Requests

    • Adjoining Cabins
    • Special Dietary Meals
    • Wheelchair Accessible Cabins
  • Fitness Facilities

    • Basketball Court
    • Fitness Center
    • 4 Swimming Pools
    • 1 Children Swimming Pools
  • Services

    • 5 Bars
    • Beauty Salon
    • 1 Casinos
    • 1 Clubs
    • Hottub
    • Internet Access
    • Library
    • Movie Theatre
    • Shops
    • Showroom
    • Spa


Coming Soon

Age Restrictions

On Board Baby-Sitting Caribbean: 
Costa offers group baby-sitting for children age 3 (out of diapers) and older. The babysitting schedules can be found in the Daily Program distributed onboard (private in-stateroom babysitting is not available). There will also be two 'Parents Night Out' during the cruise where parents have the opportunity to enjoy the evening worry free while their children will be entertained with special activities, including their own buffet or pizza party. Best of all these special nights are offered at no extra charge. 

Costa's In Port Children's Program 
Costa's In Port program offers children a variety of activities onboard to entertain them. Parents will receive information pertaining to scheduled activities at the beginning of the cruise. Ask about specially priced shore excursions for children 12 years and under. 

Europe: Costa offers a comprehensive children's program throughout our Europe cruise season. The months of July and August are the most popular traveling times for families with children. Activities vary by ship and itinerary. 

Minors Policy 
Guests under the age of 21 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. On selected seasonal departures, guests 21 to 24 years old must have one person at least 25 years old in the same stateroom. 

Medical Care 
There is a physician and nurse available 24 hours a day while at sea and during scheduled hours of the day while in port. All Costa ships are equipped with an infirmary. Professional services, care and medications are available at a reasonable cost. The medical staff can also provide medication to relieve any symptoms of seasickness. If you require prescription medications, bring an ample supply. Some prescription medications, might not be available onboard or ashore.


Tipping is a personal matter, and your own judgment is the best guide. For your convenience, Costa will automatically debit your onboard account a modest service charge per person per day. Should you wish to change the amount, contact the Guest Relations Desk. Bartenders, servers, deck stewards and other staff may be tipped as service is received. For your convenience, a 15% gratuity is added to beverage purchases automatically. 

  • Cruises departing from the United States: $12.50 per guest 15 years of age and older, per day of all cruise lengths.
  • World Cruises: 10 Euros per guest 15 years of age and older, per day for all cruiselengths.
  • Cruises not originating in the United States: 10 Euros per guest 15 years of age and older, per day for all cruise lengths.
  • Guests between the ages of 4 and 14 will be charged 50% of the above rates. There is no service charge for guests under the age of 4.




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