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Europe Cruises

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Europe Cruises

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Sail Date Cruise Line Ship Destination Departs Nights Price You Save Discounts
Jul 16, 2017Celebrity EclipseEurope - AllSouthampton14$2,57112% 
Jul 29, 2017PrincessPacific PrincessEurope - AllLondon14$3,69916%
Onboard Credit!
Aug 28, 2017PrincessPacific PrincessEurope - AllLondon14$3,4494% 
Sep 01, 2017Norwegian GetawayEurope - AllCopenhagen9$1,21912%
Onboard Credit!
Sep 03, 2017Royal CaribbeanFreedom of the SeasEurope - AllBarcelona7$88932%
Onboard Credit!

All Europe Cruises

Sail Date Cruise Line Ship Destination Departs Nights Price You Save Discounts
Apr 28, 2017SeaDream Yacht ClubSeaDream IIMediterraneanMalaga8$3,79954% 
Apr 28, 2017Royal CaribbeanNavigator of the SeasTransatlanticMiami14$498
Onboard Credit!
Apr 28, 2017MSC OrchestraMediterraneanCivitavecchia7$839 
Apr 28, 2017Costa FavolosaMediterraneanMarseille4$38756%
Onboard Credit!
Apr 28, 2017Costa FascinosaMediterraneanBarcelona7$773
Onboard Credit!
Apr 28, 2017Costa NeoClassicaGreek IslesVenice7$81751% 
Apr 29, 2017WindstarStar PrideMediterraneanBarcelona7$999 
Apr 29, 2017WindstarWind StarMediterraneanRome7$1,499
Onboard Credit!
Apr 29, 2017WindstarWind SurfMediterraneanRome10$1,999
Onboard Credit!
Apr 29, 2017Holland AmericaRotterdamBalticRotterdam14$1,39968%
Onboard Credit!
Apr 29, 2017Holland AmericaRotterdamEurope - NorthernRotterdam21$2,34962% 
Apr 29, 2017MSC FantasiaEurope - NorthernKiel7$915 
Apr 29, 2017MSC PoesiaMediterraneanVenice7$659 
Apr 29, 2017Costa DiademaMediterraneanSavona7$82117% 
Apr 29, 2017Costa FavolosaMediterraneanSavona4$38756% 
Apr 29, 2017Costa FascinosaMediterraneanMarseille7$86726%
Onboard Credit!
Apr 29, 2017Costa LuminosaGreek IslesVenice7$86920%
Onboard Credit!
Apr 29, 2017Costa MediterraneaMediterraneanBarcelona10$87132% 
Apr 29, 2017Costa PacificaMediterraneanCivitavecchia7$77314% 
Apr 29, 2017OceaniaRivieraGreek IslesPiraeus7$4,49965%
Onboard Credit!
Apr 30, 2017Viking SeaEurope - NorthernBergen15$19,499
Apr 30, 2017WindstarStar BreezeMediterraneanTenerife8$1,099 
Apr 30, 2017PrincessMajestic PrincessGreek IslesAthens7$1,44961% 
Apr 30, 2017Royal CaribbeanVision of the SeasEurope - WesternBarcelona10$1,017 
Apr 30, 2017Holland AmericaKoningsdamEurope - WesternCivitavecchia14$1,19972%
Onboard Credit!
Apr 30, 2017MSC ArmoniaEurope - WesternMarseille7$515
Onboard Credit!
Apr 30, 2017MSC FantasiaEurope - NorthernCopenhagen7$1,179
Onboard Credit!
Apr 30, 2017MSC OrchestraMediterraneanGenoa7$968
Onboard Credit!
Apr 30, 2017MSC PoesiaMediterraneanBari7$1,429 
Apr 30, 2017Norwegian StarMediterraneanVenice7$1,19955% 
Apr 30, 2017Norwegian GetawayTransatlanticMiami16$1,19955% 
Apr 30, 2017PrincessRegal PrincessEurope - NorthernCopenhagen3$549 
Apr 30, 2017PrincessRegal PrincessEurope - NorthernCopenhagen7$909
Onboard Credit!
Apr 30, 2017PrincessRegal PrincessEurope - NorthernCopenhagen11$79966% 
Apr 30, 2017PrincessMajestic PrincessMediterraneanAthens14$2,748 
Apr 30, 2017Costa DeliziosaMediterraneanVenice7$82156%
Onboard Credit!
Apr 30, 2017Costa DiademaMediterraneanMarseille7$91522%
Onboard Credit!
Apr 30, 2017Costa LuminosaGreek IslesTrieste7$86920% 
Apr 30, 2017Costa MediterraneaMediterraneanSavona10$87132% 
Apr 30, 2017Costa PacificaMediterraneanSavona7$77314%
Onboard Credit!

Learn More About Europe Cruises

Cruises of Europe are wonderfully varied. Consider cruising the Mediterranean, with ports of call in Southern France, Spain, Italy and Greece. These semi-tropical destinations make for not only a relaxing cruise, but also an educational vacation. While docked in Mediterranean ports you can tour fascinating museums, historic castles and working vineyards, and of course enjoy delicious Mediterranean foods like Spanish olives, Italian pasta and Greek pastries.

Northern Europe cruises bring travelers to such countries as Finland, Norway, Sweden and Denmark. Consider Copenhagen, Denmark's capital, where top sightseeing attractions include The Little Mermaid sculpture built in honor of Hans Christian Andersen's fairy tale, as well as Tivoli Gardens, an amusement park best known for its wooden roller coaster that dates back to 1914. Another Scandinavian capital, Oslo, Norway, is situated by a fjord and surrounded by hills and forests. The new Opera House is a cultural gem; contrast this contemporary glass and marble building with the artifacts in the Viking Ship Museum. Don't miss the hundreds of pieces of art in Vigeland Sculpture Park.

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