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Last Minute Deals

Last Minute Deals

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Our Last Minute Deals page is a one-stop page where you can find and track the best deals in cruising. But don't miss out on these great prices, call us and book today! Call us toll-free now to book one of our discounted specials at 1-800-814-8381.

Sail Date Cruise Line Ship Destination Departs Length Price You Save Discounts


Jul 03, 2019Holland AmericaVolendamAlaskaVancouver7$602 
Jul 01, 2019Norwegian JewelAlaskaVancouver7$49964%
Onboard Credit!
Jun 24, 2019Norwegian JewelAlaskaSeward7$29978% 
Aug 11, 2019PrincessStar PrincessAlaskaSeattle7$749
Onboard Credit!


Jul 08, 2019Holland AmericaAmsterdamAlaska - Gulf of AlaskaSeattle7$593 
Jun 22, 2019Holland AmericaEurodamAlaska - Gulf of AlaskaSeattle7$543 
Jun 30, 2019Holland AmericaOosterdamAlaska - Gulf of AlaskaSeattle7$969
Sep 22, 2019Holland AmericaOosterdamAlaska - Gulf of AlaskaSeattle7$642
Onboard Credit!


Oct 05, 2019Carnival SplendorAsiaLos Angeles (Long Beach)24$1,319
Onboard Credit!


Jun 23, 2019Disney DreamBahamasPort Canaveral5$1,850 
Jul 03, 2019Disney DreamBahamasPort Canaveral4$2,056
Onboard Credit!
Oct 27, 2019Disney MagicBahamasNew York (Manhattan)7$1,645 


Oct 26, 2019Royal CaribbeanGrandeur of the SeasBermudaBaltimore5$359
Onboard Credit!


Sep 16, 2019Royal CaribbeanAdventure of the SeasCanadaQuebec11$648
Onboard Credit!
Aug 19, 2019PrincessCaribbean PrincessCanadaNew York (Brooklyn)16$1,499 
Sep 15, 2019Holland AmericaZuiderdamCanadaQuebec12$1,249
Onboard Credit!
Aug 24, 2019Holland AmericaZaandamCanadaMontreal7$849 
Jul 27, 2019PrincessCaribbean PrincessCanadaFt. Lauderdale13$1,048
Onboard Credit!
Aug 09, 2019PrincessCaribbean PrincessCanadaQuebec10$985
Onboard Credit!
Oct 14, 2019PrincessCaribbean PrincessCanadaNew York (Brooklyn)10$849
Onboard Credit!


Jul 28, 2019Royal CaribbeanAllure of the SeasCaribbean - EasternFt. Lauderdale7$987
Onboard Credit!
Aug 18, 2019Royal CaribbeanAllure of the SeasCaribbean - EasternFt. Lauderdale7$798
Onboard Credit!
Jul 21, 2019Royal CaribbeanHarmony of the SeasCaribbean - EasternPort Canaveral7$1,257 
Aug 04, 2019Royal CaribbeanHarmony of the SeasCaribbean - EasternPort Canaveral7$999
Onboard Credit!
Jul 27, 2019Royal CaribbeanSymphony of the Seas Caribbean - EasternMiami7$1,159 
Aug 24, 2019Royal CaribbeanSymphony of the Seas Caribbean - EasternMiami7$1,128 
Sep 07, 2019Royal CaribbeanSymphony of the Seas Caribbean - EasternMiami7$1,049 
Oct 05, 2019Royal CaribbeanSymphony of the Seas Caribbean - EasternMiami7$1,068 
Jun 29, 2019Royal CaribbeanSymphony of the Seas Caribbean - EasternMiami7$1,116
Onboard Credit!
Jul 13, 2019Disney FantasyCaribbean - EasternPort Canaveral7$2,625
Onboard Credit!
Aug 24, 2019Disney FantasyCaribbean - EasternPort Canaveral7$1,813 
Nov 10, 2019Disney MagicCaribbean - EasternNew York (Manhattan)5$775
Onboard Credit!
Jul 06, 2019MSC SeasideCaribbean - EasternMiami7$2,049
Onboard Credit!
Aug 03, 2019MSC SeasideCaribbean - EasternMiami7$688 
Jun 29, 2019PrincessCaribbean PrincessCaribbean - EasternFt. Lauderdale7$859
Onboard Credit!


Jul 21, 2019Royal CaribbeanAllure of the SeasCaribbean - WesternFt. Lauderdale7$1,145
Onboard Credit!
Jul 14, 2019Royal CaribbeanLiberty of the SeasCaribbean - WesternGalveston7$1,811
Onboard Credit!
Sep 22, 2019Royal CaribbeanLiberty of the SeasCaribbean - WesternGalveston7$549 
Jul 20, 2019Royal CaribbeanSymphony of the Seas Caribbean - WesternMiami7$1,369 
Aug 03, 2019Royal CaribbeanSymphony of the Seas Caribbean - WesternMiami7$1,229 
Sep 14, 2019Royal CaribbeanSymphony of the Seas Caribbean - WesternMiami7$998 
Jun 28, 2019Royal CaribbeanEnchantment of the SeasCaribbean - WesternGalveston5$3,199
Aug 05, 2019Royal CaribbeanEnchantment of the SeasCaribbean - WesternGalveston4$489 
Jul 07, 2019Norwegian BreakawayCaribbean - WesternMiami7$79950% 
Aug 04, 2019Norwegian BreakawayCaribbean - WesternMiami7$72951% 
Jul 06, 2019Royal CaribbeanSymphony of the Seas Caribbean - WesternMiami7$1,969 
Jun 22, 2019Royal CaribbeanSymphony of the Seas Caribbean - WesternMiami7$2,607
Jul 06, 2019Disney FantasyCaribbean - WesternPort Canaveral7$2,597 
Jul 20, 2019Disney FantasyCaribbean - WesternPort Canaveral7$2,107
Onboard Credit!
Aug 31, 2019Disney FantasyCaribbean - WesternPort Canaveral7$1,778 
Jul 06, 2019Carnival ValorCaribbean - WesternNew Orleans5$564
Onboard Credit!
Jul 06, 2019PrincessCaribbean PrincessCaribbean - WesternFt. Lauderdale7$755 


Sep 06, 2019Celebrity ReflectionEuropeAmsterdam12$2,209
Onboard Credit!


Aug 01, 2019Celebrity ReflectionEurope - NorthernAmsterdam12$1,959 
Aug 13, 2019Celebrity ReflectionEurope - NorthernAmsterdam12$1,249 
Jul 01, 2019Azamara ClubAzamara JourneyEurope - NorthernOslo16$3,699
Onboard Credit!
Aug 17, 2019Azamara ClubAzamara JourneyEurope - NorthernCopenhagen10$2,199 
Aug 10, 2019Royal CaribbeanSerenade of the SeasEurope - NorthernCopenhagen8$1,498 
Jul 30, 2019Royal CaribbeanBrilliance of The SeasEurope - NorthernAmsterdam12$3,012 
Jun 24, 2019Royal CaribbeanBrilliance of The SeasEurope - NorthernAmsterdam12$1,899
Onboard Credit!
Jun 20, 2019Royal CaribbeanSerenade of the SeasEurope - NorthernCopenhagen10$1,949 
Jun 30, 2019Holland AmericaNieuw StatendamEurope - NorthernAmsterdam7$692 
Jul 07, 2019Holland AmericaNieuw StatendamEurope - NorthernAmsterdam14$1,078
Onboard Credit!
Aug 18, 2019Holland AmericaRotterdamEurope - NorthernAmsterdam20$1,828
Onboard Credit!
Sep 01, 2019Disney MagicEurope - NorthernDover7$1,260 
Jul 13, 2019Norwegian GetawayEurope - NorthernCopenhagen9$1,44930%
Onboard Credit!
Aug 27, 2019Norwegian GetawayEurope - NorthernCopenhagen9$1,39930%
Onboard Credit!
Jun 25, 2019Norwegian GetawayEurope - NorthernCopenhagen9$79960%
Onboard Credit!
Jul 04, 2019Norwegian GetawayEurope - NorthernCopenhagen9$99952%
Onboard Credit!
Aug 17, 2019Norwegian SpiritEurope - NorthernStockholm15$1,57954%
Onboard Credit!
Sep 03, 2019OceaniaMarinaEurope - NorthernCopenhagen14$4,09968%
Onboard Credit!
Jun 23, 2019PrincessRegal PrincessEurope - NorthernCopenhagen11$1,143 
Jul 13, 2019PrincessSapphire PrincessEurope - NorthernSouthampton14$2,391
Onboard Credit!
Aug 06, 2019PrincessRegal PrincessEurope - NorthernCopenhagen11$1,694
Onboard Credit!
Oct 19, 2019PrincessSapphire PrincessEurope - NorthernSouthampton12$2,079 


Sep 15, 2019Norwegian SpiritEurope - WesternSouthampton12$1,24952%
Onboard Credit!
Sep 15, 2019Holland AmericaNieuw StatendamEurope - WesternAmsterdam12$1,088 
Sep 17, 2019OceaniaMarinaEurope - WesternAmsterdam12$3,39968%
Onboard Credit!


Sep 09, 2019Celebrity EdgeGreek IslesCivitavecchia11$4,409 
Sep 30, 2019Celebrity EdgeGreek IslesCivitavecchia11$3,464
Onboard Credit!
Oct 21, 2019Celebrity EdgeGreek IslesCivitavecchia11$3,214 
Aug 11, 2019Norwegian JadeGreek IslesCivitavecchia11$1,54940% 
Sep 22, 2019Norwegian JadeGreek IslesCivitavecchia11$1,29953% 
Aug 01, 2019Norwegian JadeGreek IslesCivitavecchia10$1,29948%
Onboard Credit!
Jul 07, 2019Norwegian StarGreek IslesVenice11$94969% 
Aug 15, 2019Celebrity ConstellationGreek IslesVenice10$3,629
Oct 26, 2019Norwegian SpiritGreek IslesVenice12$1,29963%
Onboard Credit!
Jul 05, 2019Norwegian PearlGreek IslesCivitavecchia13$1,04958%
Onboard Credit!


Aug 07, 2019Holland AmericaVeendamMediterraneanVenice12$1,295
Onboard Credit!
Sep 01, 2019Norwegian EpicMediterraneanBarcelona7$879
Onboard Credit!


Jun 30, 2019Disney FantasyMexicoPort Canaveral6$1,824
Onboard Credit!


Sep 30, 2019Holland AmericaAmsterdamSouth AmericaSan Diego28$2,049 
Nov 02, 2019Holland AmericaZaandamSouth AmericaSantiago16$2,059
Onboard Credit!


Oct 07, 2019Royal CaribbeanAdventure of the SeasUSA - New EnglandQuebec13$1,019 
Jun 30, 2019CunardQueen Mary USA - New EnglandNew York (Brooklyn)7$1,509

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