Mediterranean Cruises

Mediterranean Cruises

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Mediterranean Cruises

Sail Date Cruise Line Ship Destination Departs Length Price You Save Discounts
Apr 20, 2019MSC FantasiaMediterraneanGenoa1$59
Onboard Credit!
Sep 22, 2019MSC OrchestraMediterraneanGenoa1$59 
Oct 11, 2019MSC OrchestraMediterraneanBarcelona1$59
Onboard Credit!
Nov 02, 2019MSC FantasiaMediterraneanGenoa1$79 
Sep 29, 2019MSC PoesiaMediterraneanGenoa1$79
Onboard Credit!
Apr 03, 2019MSC DivinaMediterraneanGenoa2$139 
Apr 14, 2019MSC MeravigliaMediterraneanCivitavecchia2$139
Onboard Credit!
Apr 13, 2019MSC SeaviewMediterraneanBarcelona2$139 
Nov 16, 2019MSC SeaviewMediterraneanBarcelona2$139
Onboard Credit!
Nov 02, 2019MSC FantasiaMediterraneanGenoa2$149 
Sep 30, 2019MSC PreziosaMediterraneanBarcelona2$159
Onboard Credit!
Nov 14, 2019MSC SeaviewMediterraneanCannes2$189 
Nov 21, 2020MSC DivinaMediterraneanGenoa3$199 
Oct 09, 2019MSC OrchestraMediterraneanMarseille3$229
Onboard Credit!
Mar 25, 2019Costa DeliziosaMediterraneanBari2$223 
Sep 27, 2019MSC OrchestraMediterraneanMarseille3$239 
Oct 12, 2019MSC OrchestraMediterraneanGenoa3$239 
Oct 01, 2020MSC PoesiaMediterraneanBarcelona3$239
Onboard Credit!
Oct 02, 2020MSC PoesiaMediterraneanGenoa3$239
Onboard Credit!
Oct 03, 2020MSC PoesiaMediterraneanMarseille3$239 
Oct 04, 2020MSC PoesiaMediterraneanBarcelona3$239 
Nov 17, 2019MSC PreziosaMediterraneanBarcelona4$259 
Sep 25, 2019MSC OrchestraMediterraneanBarcelona3$269
Onboard Credit!
Oct 25, 2019MSC LiricaMediterraneanVenice3$279
Onboard Credit!
Nov 16, 2019Costa FascinosaMediterraneanBarcelona3$271 
Sep 22, 2019MSC OrchestraMediterraneanGenoa3$289 
Oct 08, 2019MSC OrchestraMediterraneanGenoa4$289
Onboard Credit!
Sep 24, 2020MSC PoesiaMediterraneanBarcelona3$289 
Sep 25, 2020MSC PoesiaMediterraneanGenoa3$289
Onboard Credit!
Sep 26, 2020MSC PoesiaMediterraneanMarseille3$289 
Sep 12, 2019Costa MagicaMediterraneanBarcelona3$288 
Apr 13, 2020MSC OperaMediterraneanMarseille3$299
Onboard Credit!
Apr 14, 2020MSC OperaMediterraneanGenoa3$299
Onboard Credit!
Apr 15, 2020MSC OperaMediterraneanBarcelona3$299
Onboard Credit!
Apr 21, 2020MSC OperaMediterraneanGenoa5$299 
Nov 14, 2019MSC PreziosaMediterraneanBarcelona3$299
Onboard Credit!
May 12, 2019Norwegian EpicMediterraneanBarcelona3$29966% 
Oct 26, 2019MSC LiricaMediterraneanBari3$309
Onboard Credit!
Sep 29, 2019MSC PoesiaMediterraneanGenoa2$309 
Sep 27, 2020MSC PoesiaMediterraneanBarcelona4$309
Onboard Credit!

Learn More About Mediterranean Cruises

Europe, Asia and Africa all border the Mediterranean Sea, making it an ideal cruise destination for travelers who would like to visit a variety of historic, romantic and cultural sites on their next vacation abroad. Itineraries for Mediterranean cruises are vast and varied, offering something for all budgets and vacation time frames. Choose from trips that focus on one destination like the coast of Italy or the islands of Greece. Or, get to know the entire Mediterranean region in depth with longer, more luxurious vacations that make might make stops in exotic Morocco, Egypt and Portugal. At Mediterranean ports of call, you have the opportunity to tour ancient ruins, browse world-famous art galleries and, of course, indulge in delicious cuisine-gyros in Greece, pasta in Italy, tapas in Spain. Shop for unique treasures to bring back home at open-air stalls and unusual bazaars. And consider other exciting port excursions: ride a camel in the Sahara Desert, bike through Barcelona or tour Venice by gondola.

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