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Mexico Cruises

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Sail Date Cruise Line Ship Destination Departs Length Price You Save Discounts
May 26, 2019Carnival ImaginationMexicoLos Angeles (Long Beach)4$399 
May 27, 2019Carnival InspirationMexicoLos Angeles (Long Beach)4$414 
May 30, 2019Carnival ImaginationMexicoLos Angeles (Long Beach)3$259 
May 31, 2019Carnival InspirationMexicoLos Angeles (Long Beach)3$334
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Jun 01, 2019Carnival FantasyCaribbean - WesternMobile5$604
Onboard Credit!
Jun 02, 2019Carnival ImaginationMexicoLos Angeles (Long Beach)4$429 
Jun 03, 2019Carnival InspirationMexicoLos Angeles (Long Beach)4$414
Onboard Credit!
Jun 06, 2019Carnival ImaginationMexicoLos Angeles (Long Beach)3$409
Onboard Credit!
Jun 07, 2019Carnival InspirationMexicoLos Angeles (Long Beach)3$439
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Jun 09, 2019Carnival ImaginationMexicoLos Angeles (Long Beach)4$459
Onboard Credit!
Jun 10, 2019Carnival FantasyCaribbean - WesternMobile5$644 
Jun 10, 2019Carnival InspirationMexicoLos Angeles (Long Beach)4$454 
Jun 13, 2019Carnival ImaginationMexicoLos Angeles (Long Beach)3$389 
Jun 14, 2019Carnival InspirationMexicoLos Angeles (Long Beach)3$414 
Jun 15, 2019Carnival FantasyCaribbean - WesternMobile5$589 
Jun 16, 2019Carnival ImaginationMexicoLos Angeles (Long Beach)4$434
Onboard Credit!
Jun 17, 2019Carnival InspirationMexicoLos Angeles (Long Beach)4$444 
Jun 20, 2019Carnival ImaginationMexicoLos Angeles (Long Beach)3$409 
Jun 21, 2019Carnival InspirationMexicoLos Angeles (Long Beach)3$389 
Jun 23, 2019Carnival ImaginationMexicoLos Angeles (Long Beach)4$439
Onboard Credit!
Jun 24, 2019Carnival FantasyCaribbean - WesternMobile5$569 
Jun 24, 2019Carnival InspirationMexicoLos Angeles (Long Beach)4$462 
Jun 27, 2019Carnival ImaginationMexicoLos Angeles (Long Beach)3$414
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Jun 28, 2019Carnival InspirationMexicoLos Angeles (Long Beach)3$399
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Jun 29, 2019Carnival FantasyCaribbean - WesternMobile5$569 
Jun 29, 2019Carnival SplendorMexicoLos Angeles (Long Beach)7$1,259
Jun 30, 2019Disney FantasyMexicoPort Canaveral6$1,824
Onboard Credit!
Jun 30, 2019Carnival ImaginationMexicoLos Angeles (Long Beach)4$434 
Jul 01, 2019Carnival InspirationMexicoLos Angeles (Long Beach)4$479 
Jul 03, 2019CunardQueen ElizabethPanama CanalSan Francisco18$3,384
Onboard Credit!
Jul 03, 2019CunardQueen ElizabethPanama CanalSan Francisco21$2,476 
Jul 04, 2019Carnival ImaginationMexicoLos Angeles (Long Beach)3$479
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Jul 05, 2019Carnival InspirationMexicoLos Angeles (Long Beach)3$419
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Jul 06, 2019Carnival SplendorMexicoLos Angeles (Long Beach)7$989
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Jul 07, 2019Carnival ImaginationMexicoLos Angeles (Long Beach)4$434
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Jul 08, 2019Carnival FantasyCaribbean - WesternMobile5$539
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Jul 08, 2019Carnival InspirationMexicoLos Angeles (Long Beach)4$439
Onboard Credit!
Jul 11, 2019Carnival ImaginationMexicoLos Angeles (Long Beach)3$384
Onboard Credit!
Jul 12, 2019Carnival InspirationMexicoLos Angeles (Long Beach)3$404 
Jul 13, 2019Carnival FantasyCaribbean - WesternMobile5$519 

Learn More About Mexico Cruises

Cruises that dock on the eastern side of Mexico typically make a call in the port of Cozumel, an island off of Mexico's coast. Famed for its coral reefs, Cozumel combines the best of Mexico and the Caribbean. If you like to scuba dive or snorkel, you will want to explore the crystal-clear waters here. Other typical shore excursions include shopping for Mexican handicrafts, learning about Mexican culture and cuisine, and attending a folkloric show.

Another popular cruise port is Progreso, on Mexican's Yucatan Peninsula. It's a short trip from here to the famous Mayan ruins of Chichen Itza. You can also hang out on the beach right in Progreso, or take a taxi into the old colonial city of Merida.

On the Mexico's west coast, ports of call include Puerto Vallarta, whose cobblestone downtown area is home to art galleries, an active nightlife scene and an upbeat, welcoming atmosphere. Puerto Vallarta is in a picturesque location, nestled between the foothills of the Sierra Madre Mountains and the Bay of Banderas, the largest natural bay in Mexico. Here you might spend the day on any one of the different beaches-from bustling to secluded-on several miles of coastline.

Cabo San Lucas is on the tip of the Baja Peninsula. If you're into saltwater fishing, you'll want to book a day-long excursion from this port out to the deep blue sea to test your angling skills. Otherwise, you can shop, sun and stroll to your heart's content in this vibrant oceanfront city.

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