Panama Canal Cruises

Panama Canal Cruises

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Panama Canal


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Panama Canal Cruises

Sail Date Cruise Line Ship Destination Departs Length Price You Save Discounts
Nov 23, 2019Star ClippersStar FlyerCaribbean - SouthernBarbados14$3,990
Nov 26, 2019PrincessIsland PrincessPanama CanalFt. Lauderdale10$628
Onboard Credit!
Nov 26, 2019WindstarWind StarPanama CanalPhilipsburg18$3,199
Onboard Credit!
Nov 27, 2019WindstarStar PridePanama CanalColon10$1,899
Nov 30, 2019Star ClippersRoyal ClipperPanama CanalBalboa14$4,560
Dec 01, 2019Crystal SymphonyPanama CanalCharleston19$4,845 
Dec 01, 2019Crystal SymphonyPanama CanalFt. Lauderdale10$3,030 
Dec 01, 2019Norwegian DawnPanama CanalTampa14$779
Onboard Credit!
Dec 01, 2019Holland AmericaEurodamPanama CanalFt. Lauderdale10$529
Onboard Credit!
Dec 01, 2019Carnival LegendPanama CanalTampa14$989
Onboard Credit!
Dec 03, 2019PrincessEmerald PrincessPanama CanalLos Angeles (San Pedro)15$749 
Dec 03, 2019WindstarStar PrideCentral AmericaPuerto Caldera11$3,799 
Dec 06, 2019PrincessIsland PrincessPanama CanalFt. Lauderdale10$628
Onboard Credit!
Dec 06, 2019Holland AmericaRotterdamPanama CanalSan Diego15$799 
Dec 07, 2019Star ClippersStar FlyerPanama CanalBalboa14$3,990 
Dec 07, 2019WindstarWind StarPanama CanalColon7$1,999
Onboard Credit!
Dec 07, 2019WindstarStar PridePanama CanalPuerto Caldera7$1,999
Dec 07, 2019WindstarWind StarCentral AmericaColon11$3,799 
Dec 10, 2019PrincessCaribbean PrincessPanama CanalFt. Lauderdale10$555
Onboard Credit!
Dec 10, 2019WindstarWind StarCentral AmericaPuerto Caldera11$3,799 
Dec 11, 2019Holland AmericaEurodamPanama CanalFt. Lauderdale10$549
Onboard Credit!
Dec 14, 2019WindstarWind StarPanama CanalPuerto Caldera7$1,999
Onboard Credit!
Dec 14, 2019WindstarStar PrideCentral AmericaColon7$1,799 
Dec 18, 2019Holland AmericaAmsterdamPanama CanalSan Diego17$1,579 
Dec 19, 2019Azamara JourneyPanama CanalMiami17$9,379 
Dec 19, 2019OceaniaMarinaPanama CanalBuenos Aires34$5,94972%
Onboard Credit!
Dec 20, 2019PrincessIsland PrincessPanama CanalFt. Lauderdale10$1,229
Onboard Credit!
Dec 21, 2019OceaniaSirenaPanama CanalLos Angeles (San Pedro)16$2,99976% 
Dec 21, 2019OceaniaSirenaPanama CanalLos Angeles (San Pedro)23$3,09976%
Onboard Credit!
Dec 21, 2019WindstarWind StarPanama CanalColon7$2,499 
Dec 21, 2019Holland AmericaRotterdamPanama CanalFt. Lauderdale17$1,299
Onboard Credit!
Dec 21, 2019WindstarStar PrideCentral AmericaPuerto Caldera7$1,599 
Dec 23, 2019Norwegian PearlPanama CanalMiami11$1,999 
Dec 28, 2019WindstarWind StarPanama CanalPuerto Caldera7$2,999 
Dec 28, 2019Holland AmericaEurodamPanama CanalFt. Lauderdale18$1,679 
Dec 28, 2019WindstarStar PrideCentral AmericaColon7$2,499
Dec 28, 2019WindstarStar PrideCentral AmericaColon11$4,499
Dec 30, 2019PrincessIsland PrincessPanama CanalFt. Lauderdale10$999 
Dec 31, 2019WindstarStar PrideCentral AmericaPuerto Caldera11$4,299 
Jan 02, 2020PrincessEmerald PrincessPanama CanalLos Angeles (San Pedro)15$975 

Learn More About Panama Canal Cruises

Sometimes called the Eighth Wonder of the World, the Panama Canal and its ingenious system of locks is an engineering feat. When construction was completed in 1914, vessels could sail conveniently from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean (and vice versa) through the Isthmus of Panama without having to take the incredibly time-consuming journey all the way around the tip of South America.

The Panama Canal is comprised of several artificial lakes, channels and reservoirs, and three lock systems. It takes a typical cruise ship about eight hours to make the journey from one ocean to the other. Cruising passengers remain onboard to marvel at the impressive engineering while their ship is raised and lowered through the locks. Along the way, passengers can admire other boats-from pleasure yachts to enormous cargo ships-as they make the journey, too. Scenic vistas are plentiful, with the lush jungle and countryside that surround the many lakes.

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