South America Cruises

South America Cruises

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South America Cruises

Sail Date Cruise Line Ship Destination Departs Length Price You Save Discounts
Jun 23, 2018SilverseaSilver GalapagosSouth AmericaSan Cristobal7$11,700 
Jun 23, 2018Celebrity XplorationSouth AmericaBaltra7$6,499 
Jun 30, 2018Celebrity XplorationSouth AmericaBaltra7$3,499 
Jul 01, 2018Celebrity XpeditionSouth AmericaBaltra7$6,999 
Jul 07, 2018SilverseaSilver GalapagosSouth AmericaSan Cristobal7$8,000 
Jul 07, 2018Celebrity XplorationSouth AmericaBaltra7$4,399 
Jul 08, 2018Celebrity XpeditionSouth AmericaBaltra7$4,999
Onboard Credit!
Jul 14, 2018Celebrity XperienceSouth AmericaBaltra7$3,749 
Jul 21, 2018Celebrity XperienceSouth AmericaBaltra7$3,999
Onboard Credit!
Jul 21, 2018SilverseaSilver GalapagosSouth AmericaSan Cristobal7$8,000 
Jul 21, 2018Celebrity XplorationSouth AmericaBaltra7$4,999
Onboard Credit!
Jul 22, 2018Celebrity XpeditionSouth AmericaBaltra7$5,899
Onboard Credit!
Jul 25, 2018PrincessSea PrincessWorld CruiseSouthampton56$9,369
Onboard Credit!
Jul 25, 2018PrincessSea PrincessWorld CruiseSouthampton52$8,719
Onboard Credit!
Jul 25, 2018PrincessSea PrincessWorld CruiseSouthampton58$9,719 
Jul 28, 2018Celebrity XplorationSouth AmericaBaltra7$4,099
Onboard Credit!
Aug 04, 2018Celebrity XplorationSouth AmericaBaltra7$6,299
Onboard Credit!
Aug 05, 2018Celebrity XpeditionSouth AmericaBaltra7$4,799 
Aug 11, 2018Celebrity XperienceSouth AmericaBaltra7$4,799
Onboard Credit!
Aug 11, 2018SilverseaSilver GalapagosSouth AmericaBaltra7$8,300
Onboard Credit!
Aug 12, 2018Celebrity XpeditionSouth AmericaBaltra7$4,499 
Aug 14, 2018PrincessSea PrincessWorld CruiseNew York (Brooklyn)36$6,149
Onboard Credit!
Aug 18, 2018Celebrity XperienceSouth AmericaBaltra7$4,299 
Aug 18, 2018SilverseaSilver GalapagosSouth AmericaSan Cristobal7$7,900 
Aug 18, 2018Celebrity XplorationSouth AmericaBaltra7$4,799
Onboard Credit!
Aug 19, 2018Celebrity XpeditionSouth AmericaBaltra7$4,399
Onboard Credit!
Aug 25, 2018SilverseaSilver GalapagosSouth AmericaBaltra7$7,700
Onboard Credit!
Aug 25, 2018Celebrity XplorationSouth AmericaBaltra7$4,799
Onboard Credit!
Aug 26, 2018Celebrity XpeditionSouth AmericaBaltra7$4,599
Onboard Credit!
Sep 01, 2018SilverseaSilver GalapagosSouth AmericaSan Cristobal7$7,900 
Sep 01, 2018Celebrity XplorationSouth AmericaBaltra7$5,299
Onboard Credit!
Sep 02, 2018Celebrity XpeditionSouth AmericaBaltra7$5,499 
Sep 08, 2018Celebrity XperienceSouth AmericaBaltra7$3,699
Onboard Credit!
Sep 08, 2018SilverseaSilver GalapagosSouth AmericaBaltra7$9,100 
Sep 08, 2018Celebrity XplorationSouth AmericaBaltra7$5,499
Onboard Credit!
Sep 10, 2018Holland AmericaMaasdamSouth AmericaFt. Lauderdale34$2,549
Onboard Credit!
Sep 10, 2018Holland AmericaMaasdamTahitiFt. Lauderdale48$4,199 
Sep 15, 2018Celebrity XperienceSouth AmericaBaltra7$3,699 
Sep 15, 2018SilverseaSilver GalapagosSouth AmericaSan Cristobal7$7,900 
Sep 15, 2018Celebrity XplorationSouth AmericaBaltra7$4,299 

Learn More About South America Cruises

One incredibly popular South America cruise itinerary is to the Galapagos Islands, situated around the equator about 600 miles off the coast of continental Ecuador. Here reside dozens of birds, reptiles, amphibians and other species that cannot be found anywhere else in the world. On a cruise of the Galapagos, which means "saddle" and is so named for the shape of a tortoise shell, a naturalist is typically on board to introduce to you to many fascinating creatures.

Snap photos of unusual iguanas, sea cucumbers, flightless cormorants, sea lions, the blue-footed booby and the only living tropical penguin as you explore the islands. Conserving this ecological treasure is key at the Galapagos, so you will learn how scientists study its ecosystem and how they work to preserve its pristine condition. Take nature walks and short hikes to view not only the incredible wildlife, but the plants, flowers and volcanic rock as well. For travelers who enjoy snorkeling, the Galapagos is an amazing place to see underwater marine life.

Other cruises that touch South America include itineraries from the east coast of the United States to the west coast (or vice versa) that pass through the Panama Canal. A popular port of call is Cartagena, Columbia. Here, visit the impressive Castillo San Felipe de Barajas - an imposing fortress set on a hill that dates back to the 16th century.

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