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Transatlantic Cruises

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Transatlantic Cruises
Sail Date Cruise Line Ship Destination Departs Nights Price You Save Discounts
Nov 19, 2016MSC PreziosaTransatlanticGenoa17$1,739 
Nov 20, 2016MSC PoesiaTransatlanticGenoa20$1,459 
Nov 21, 2016OceaniaRivieraTransatlanticBarcelona14$2,49978%Free Gratuities Valued at $420 per Stateroom
Nov 21, 2016OceaniaRivieraTransatlanticBarcelona24$3,89976%
Onboard Credit!
Nov 21, 2016OceaniaMarinaTransatlanticLisbon16$3,29972%
Onboard Credit!
Nov 21, 2016PrincessPacific PrincessTransatlanticVenice29$3,9495%
Onboard Credit!
Nov 23, 2016Seabourn OdysseyTransatlanticBarcelona24$7,26464%
Onboard Credit!
Nov 23, 2016Seabourn OdysseyMediterraneanBarcelona26$10,53358%
Onboard Credit!
Nov 26, 2016Costa PacificaTransatlanticCivitavecchia21$1,46751%
Onboard Credit!
Nov 26, 2016CunardQueen Mary TransatlanticNew York (Brooklyn)19$3,145
Onboard Credit!
Nov 27, 2016Costa DeliziosaTransatlanticVenice24$1,30746%
Onboard Credit!
Nov 27, 2016Costa DeliziosaTransatlanticVenice31$1,68551%
Onboard Credit!
Nov 27, 2016Costa PacificaTransatlanticSavona20$1,39951% 
Nov 27, 2016Costa PacificaTransatlanticSavona16$1,12151% 
Nov 27, 2016Costa PacificaTransatlanticSavona15$1,05451% 
Nov 28, 2016Costa PacificaTransatlanticBarcelona19$1,32351%
Onboard Credit!
Nov 28, 2016Costa PacificaTransatlanticBarcelona15$1,05451% 
Nov 28, 2016Costa PacificaTransatlanticBarcelona14$97751% 
Nov 29, 2016WindstarStar LegendTransatlanticTenerife10$1,699 
Nov 29, 2016MSC MusicaTransatlanticVenice19$1,519 
Nov 30, 2016Costa MagicaTransatlanticSavona16$68161% 
Nov 30, 2016Costa MagicaTransatlanticSavona23$1,31426%
Onboard Credit!
Dec 01, 2016Costa DeliziosaTransatlanticCivitavecchia20$1,08551%
Onboard Credit!
Dec 01, 2016Costa FascinosaTransatlanticSavona18$1,34248% 
Dec 01, 2016Costa FascinosaTransatlanticSavona16$1,27544%
Onboard Credit!
Dec 01, 2016RegentSeven Seas NavigatorTransatlanticCape Town35$13,99965%
Onboard Credit!
Dec 02, 2016Costa DeliziosaTransatlanticSavona19$1,03751%
Onboard Credit!
Dec 02, 2016Costa DeliziosaTransatlanticSavona26$1,41242% 
Dec 02, 2016Costa FascinosaTransatlanticBarcelona17$1,23649% 
Dec 02, 2016Costa FascinosaTransatlanticBarcelona15$1,19844%
Onboard Credit!
Dec 03, 2016Costa FavolosaTransatlanticSavona17$87347%
Onboard Credit!
Dec 03, 2016Costa FavolosaTransatlanticSavona26$1,54744%
Onboard Credit!
Dec 03, 2016Costa FavolosaTransatlanticSavona19$1,13331% 
Dec 03, 2016PrincessPacific PrincessTransatlanticCivitavecchia17$1,74931%$50 Onboard Credit per Stateroom, Free Bottle of Wine per Stateroom
Dec 05, 2016Seabourn OdysseyTransatlanticLisbon12$2,91161%
Onboard Credit!
Dec 07, 2016Seabourn OdysseyTransatlanticLisbon12$2,91161%
Onboard Credit!
Dec 07, 2016Seabourn OdysseyTransatlanticLisbon30$12,56055% 
Dec 08, 2016CunardQueen Mary TransatlanticNew York (Brooklyn)14$1,080 
Dec 08, 2016CunardQueen Mary TransatlanticNew York (Brooklyn)7$491 
Dec 15, 2016CunardQueen Mary TransatlanticSouthampton7$491$75 Onboard Credit per Stateroom

Learn More About Transatlantic Cruises

Transatlantic cruises harken back to the days of travel before airplanes. In the 19th century, the only way to travel to Europe from the United States (and vice versa) was via ship. Many cruise lines offer the modern-day passenger a chance to experience this leisurely mode of travel via a transatlantic itinerary.

Beginning and ending locations vary - some cruise ships leave from New York and end in Southampton, England, while others might travel between Boston and Amsterdam - with ports of call in between. But, on any transatlantic itinerary, you're sure to enjoy several days at sea - plenty of time to enjoy the luxurious amenities on board your cruise ship, from the pampering spa and fine-dining restaurants to the upbeat casino and world-class theatre.

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