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Exclusive Cruise Prices

Exclusive Cruise Prices

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Exclusive fares so low, you won't find them anywhere else! Sailing dates with these prices are limited. If these low price sailings do not fit your travel dates, please search our full sailing inventory. Please call us toll-free now to book one of our exclusive fares at 1-800-814-8381.

Sail Date Cruise Line Ship Destination Departs Length Price You Save Discounts


Nov 14, 2019Norwegian SunBahamasPort Canaveral4$4997% 


Dec 22, 2019Norwegian EncoreCaribbeanMiami7$1,3997% 
Dec 29, 2019Norwegian EncoreCaribbeanMiami7$1,4993% 
Jan 26, 2020Norwegian EncoreCaribbeanMiami7$8798% 
Feb 02, 2020Norwegian DawnCaribbeanTampa14$1,45913% 
Feb 02, 2020Norwegian EncoreCaribbeanMiami7$8997% 
Feb 16, 2020Norwegian EncoreCaribbeanMiami7$82911% 
Feb 23, 2020Norwegian EncoreCaribbeanMiami7$84923% 
Feb 23, 2020Norwegian GetawayCaribbeanNew Orleans7$6793% 
Mar 15, 2020Norwegian EncoreCaribbeanMiami7$8997% 
Jan 03, 2021Norwegian GemCaribbeanNew York (Manhattan)11$8999% 
Jan 16, 2021Norwegian EncoreCaribbeanMiami12$1,5997% 
Feb 01, 2021Norwegian EncoreCaribbeanMiami12$1,59914% 
Feb 21, 2021Norwegian GemCaribbeanNew York (Manhattan)11$8991% 
Apr 05, 2021Norwegian GemCaribbeanNew York (Manhattan)12$1,14917% 


Dec 22, 2019Norwegian EncoreCaribbean - EasternMiami7$1,3997% 
Dec 29, 2019Norwegian EncoreCaribbean - EasternMiami7$1,4993% 
Jan 26, 2020Norwegian EncoreCaribbean - EasternMiami7$8798% 
Feb 02, 2020Norwegian DawnCaribbean - EasternTampa14$1,45913% 
Feb 02, 2020Norwegian EncoreCaribbean - EasternMiami7$8997% 
Feb 16, 2020Norwegian EncoreCaribbean - EasternMiami7$82911% 
Feb 23, 2020Norwegian EncoreCaribbean - EasternMiami7$84923% 
Mar 15, 2020Norwegian EncoreCaribbean - EasternMiami7$8997% 
Jan 03, 2021Norwegian GemCaribbean - EasternNew York (Manhattan)11$8999% 
Feb 21, 2021Norwegian GemCaribbean - EasternNew York (Manhattan)11$8991% 
Apr 05, 2021Norwegian GemCaribbean - EasternNew York (Manhattan)12$1,14917% 


Feb 02, 2020Norwegian DawnCaribbean - SouthernTampa14$1,45913% 
Jan 03, 2021Norwegian GemCaribbean - SouthernNew York (Manhattan)11$8999% 
Jan 16, 2021Norwegian EncoreCaribbean - SouthernMiami12$1,5997% 
Feb 01, 2021Norwegian EncoreCaribbean - SouthernMiami12$1,59914% 
Feb 21, 2021Norwegian GemCaribbean - SouthernNew York (Manhattan)11$8991% 
Apr 05, 2021Norwegian GemCaribbean - SouthernNew York (Manhattan)12$1,14917% 


Feb 02, 2020Norwegian DawnCaribbean - WesternTampa14$1,45913% 
Feb 23, 2020Norwegian GetawayCaribbean - WesternNew Orleans7$6793% 


Jan 16, 2021Norwegian EncoreCentral AmericaMiami12$1,5997% 
Feb 01, 2021Norwegian EncoreCentral AmericaMiami12$1,59914% 


Apr 09, 2020Norwegian JadeEuropeCivitavecchia10$1,0991% 
Apr 09, 2020Norwegian JadeEuropeCivitavecchia10$1,0991% 
Sep 20, 2020Norwegian GetawayEuropeCivitavecchia11$1,72911% 
May 02, 2021Norwegian DawnEuropeVenice7$1,49926% 
May 09, 2021Norwegian DawnEuropeVenice7$1,64948% 
May 20, 2021Norwegian GetawayEuropeCivitavecchia11$1,8491% 


Apr 09, 2020Norwegian JadeEurope - WesternCivitavecchia10$1,0991% 
Apr 09, 2020Norwegian JadeEurope - WesternCivitavecchia10$1,0991% 
Sep 20, 2020Norwegian GetawayEurope - WesternCivitavecchia11$1,72911% 
May 02, 2021Norwegian DawnEurope - WesternVenice7$1,49926% 
May 09, 2021Norwegian DawnEurope - WesternVenice7$1,64948% 
May 20, 2021Norwegian GetawayEurope - WesternCivitavecchia11$1,8491% 


Apr 09, 2020Norwegian JadeGreek IslesCivitavecchia10$1,0991% 
Apr 09, 2020Norwegian JadeGreek IslesCivitavecchia10$1,0991% 
Sep 20, 2020Norwegian GetawayGreek IslesCivitavecchia11$1,72911% 
May 02, 2021Norwegian DawnGreek IslesVenice7$1,49926% 
May 09, 2021Norwegian DawnGreek IslesVenice7$1,64948% 
May 20, 2021Norwegian GetawayGreek IslesCivitavecchia11$1,8491% 


Jan 23, 2021NorwegianPride of AmericaHawaiiHonolulu7$1,7992% 


Apr 09, 2020Norwegian JadeMediterraneanCivitavecchia10$1,0991% 
Apr 09, 2020Norwegian JadeMediterraneanCivitavecchia10$1,0991% 
Sep 20, 2020Norwegian GetawayMediterraneanCivitavecchia11$1,72911% 
May 02, 2021Norwegian DawnMediterraneanVenice7$1,49926% 
May 09, 2021Norwegian DawnMediterraneanVenice7$1,64948% 
May 20, 2021Norwegian GetawayMediterraneanCivitavecchia11$1,8491% 

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