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Princess Cruises to Europe - Western 2021/2022

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Princess Cruises has been cruising around the oceans since 1965, taking a lot of people on a great and adventurous journey to over 380 destinations. You will definitely be amazed by its amazing culture, colors full of life, folkloric shows, regional cuisine, and enlightening presentations by local experts. Princess Cruises is now in the next wave of vacation travel with Medallion Class Vacations which offers you more easy and more customized experience than you could ever imagine. Princess Cruises enhances the beauty of the cruise with experiences like hassle-free embarkation to get you from curbside to poolside in a breeze, beverage delivery on demand using your personal smart device, and the best Wi-Fi at Sea. They gave you a variety of different signature features throughout each cruise from its famous cuisine to live shows by legendary artists, to a true princess original experience, enjoying a Hollywood movie at poolside with relaxing and calm atmosphere around with snacking under the stars. Princess Cruises provides you the best spa for relaxing your mind and body so that you can forget all the worries about the outside world while having a relaxing massage. They have a full day with a lot of joy and adventures and when the day ends they give you comfortable and luxurious beds as they are awarded the best cruise ship for its high-class service. With cruise line volume buys plus our low everyday prices you can save up to 80% versus the brochure price! Book your Princess cruise today with AffordableTours.com, your discounted cruise headquarters.

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Sail Date Cruise Line Ship Destination Departs Length Price You Save Discounts
Itinerary Map/Ship ImagePrincessEnchanted PrincessMediterraneanMadridCivitavecchia13 NightsBarcelona, Spain | Madrid, Spain | Valencia, Spain$4,369
Up To $500 Onboard Credit
Itinerary Map/Ship ImagePrincessEnchanted PrincessMediterraneanMadridAthens (Piraeus)20 Nights$5,739
Up To $750 Onboard Credit
Itinerary Map/Ship ImagePrincessEnchanted PrincessMediterraneanMadridBarcelona27 Nights$9,039
Up To $1000 Onboard Credit
Itinerary Map/Ship ImagePrincessEnchanted PrincessMediterraneanVeniceAthens (Piraeus)13 NightsFlorence, Italy | Rome, Italy | Venice, Italy$4,579
Up To $500 Onboard Credit
Onboard Credit!

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Itinerary Map/Ship ImagePrincessEnchanted PrincessMediterraneanVeniceBarcelona20 NightsFlorence, Italy | Rome, Italy | Venice, Italy$5,649
Up To $750 Onboard Credit
Onboard Credit!
Itinerary Map/Ship ImagePrincessEnchanted PrincessMediterraneanMadridCivitavecchia13 NightsBarcelona, Spain | Madrid, Spain | Valencia, Spain$4,269
Up To $500 Onboard Credit
Onboard Credit!
Itinerary Map/Ship ImagePrincessEnchanted PrincessMediterraneanMadridAthens (Piraeus)20 Nights$6,429
Up To $750 Onboard Credit
Itinerary Map/Ship ImagePrincessEnchanted PrincessMediterraneanMadridBarcelona27 Nights$9,189
Up To $1000 Onboard Credit
Itinerary Map/Ship ImagePrincessEnchanted PrincessMediterraneanVeniceAthens (Piraeus)13 NightsFlorence, Italy | Rome, Italy | Venice, Italy$4,619
Up To $500 Onboard Credit
Onboard Credit!
Itinerary Map/Ship ImagePrincessEnchanted PrincessMediterraneanVeniceBarcelona20 NightsFlorence, Italy | Rome, Italy | Venice, Italy$5,709
Up To $750 Onboard Credit
10 reviews
Itinerary Map/Ship Image
PrincessSky PrincessEuropeSouthamptonSouthampton16 NightsCork, Ireland | Limerick, Ireland | Southampton$3,926
Up To $500 Onboard Credit
Onboard Credit!
Itinerary Map/Ship ImagePrincessEnchanted PrincessMediterraneanMadridCivitavecchia13 NightsBarcelona, Spain | Madrid, Spain | Valencia, Spain$4,029
Up To $500 Onboard Credit
Onboard Credit!
Itinerary Map/Ship ImagePrincessEnchanted PrincessMediterraneanMadridAthens (Piraeus)20 Nights$5,319
Up To $750 Onboard Credit
Onboard Credit!
10 reviews
Itinerary Map/Ship Image
PrincessSky PrincessEuropeSouthamptonSouthampton12 NightsBelfast, Northern Ireland | Cobh, Ireland | Dublin, Ireland | Greenock, Scotland | Invergordon, Scotland | Kirkwall, Scotland | Le Havre, France | South Queensferry, Scotland | Southampton, England | St. Peter Port, Channel Is.$1,669
Up To $250 Onboard Credit
125 reviews
Itinerary Map/Ship Image
PrincessRegal PrincessEuropeSouthamptonSouthampton6 NightsBilbao, Spain | La Rochelle, France | Southampton, England | St. Peter Port, Channel Is.$1,109
Up To $150 Onboard Credit
Itinerary Map/Ship ImagePrincessEnchanted PrincessEuropeCivitavecchiaCivitavecchia14 NightsAjaccio, France | Civitavecchia, Italy | Corfu, Greece | Gibraltar, United Kingdom | Kotor, Montenegro | Livorno, Italy | Marseille, France | Messina, Italy | Naples, Italy | Valletta, Malta$1,739
Up To $250 Onboard Credit
Itinerary Map/Ship ImagePrincessEnchanted PrincessEuropeCivitavecchiaCivitavecchia7 NightsAjaccio, France | Civitavecchia, Italy | Gibraltar, United Kingdom | Livorno, Italy | Marseille, France$819
Up To $150 Onboard Credit
Itinerary Map/Ship ImagePrincessEnchanted PrincessMediterraneanVeniceAthens (Piraeus)13 NightsFlorence, Italy | Rome, Italy | Venice, Italy$4,419
Up To $500 Onboard Credit
Onboard Credit!
Itinerary Map/Ship ImagePrincessEnchanted PrincessMediterraneanVeniceBarcelona20 NightsFlorence, Italy | Rome, Italy | Venice, Italy$5,709
Up To $750 Onboard Credit
Onboard Credit!
Itinerary Map/Ship ImagePrincessEnchanted PrincessMediterraneanCivitavecchiaBarcelona14 NightsAthens (Piraeus), Greece | Barcelona, Spain | Civitavecchia, Italy | Iraklion, Greece | Istanbul, Turkey | Kotor, Montenegro | Kusadasi, Turkey | Messina, Italy | Mykonos, Greece | Naples, Italy | Santorini, Greece
From: $9,999,999
You Save: $9,997,190
Up To $500 Onboard Credit

Princess Travel Guide

Princess Cruises Highlights

  • Princess Cruises is a cruise ship tour operator that has been cruising in the ocean for more than half a century. This cruise company is owned by the Carnival Corporation, which is the world's largest Travel and Leisure Company that owns around 10 cruise lines and has several years of experience in this industry.
  • The company that has its headquarters in California USA is the second-largest cruise company in the world in terms of its annual revenue. This company has a huge employee base of more than 30,000 employees working for it and it has offices around the world.
  • The famous American TV show called The Love Boat made this cruise line very popular because it featured Pacific Princess Ship of Princess Cruises. This ship was built in 1975 and operated by Princess Cruises until the year 2002.
  • Princess Cruises has somewhere around 18 ships in its fleet, which are of various sizes and have been acquired by this company over time. Their largest operational ship is called the Sky Princess which has a gross tonnage of more than 140,000 tons.
  • The company is incorporated in Bermuda and this is the reason why all of its ships except for one, carry the flag of Bermuda. That one exception is the ship called Sapphire Princess that carries the flag of the United Kingdom. This ship was originally going to be the Diamond Princess but it caught fire during construction and its delivery got delayed which is it was renamed as Sapphire Princess.
  • They are one of the well-known names in the cruising market and their ships have a very unique and beautiful design, there is a lot of innovation that goes into the construction of these ships and they offer a very wide variety of entertainment and dining options for its guests.
  • Princess Cruises are world-famous for their destinations and they offer cruises in the following destinations; Alaska, Caribbean, Panama Canal, Mexican Riviera, Europe, South America, Australia, New Zealand, South Pacific, Hawaii, Tahiti, Asia, Africa, India, and Canada.
  • This company is also known for its many innovations in the cruising industry. They introduced the balconies outside cabins on their cruise ships and that has evolved into an industry-standard where every ship offers such facility. They introduced the concept of watching movies under an open sky and the theaters beside swimming pools.
  • A different thing about this cruise line is that they do not offer tea, free of cost. You actually have to pay money for each cup of tea that you have on the cruise which is very unlikely on a cruise, as the majority of them offer unlimited tea and coffee in the package price. If you are a tea lover then you need to be careful about this.
  • If you are planning on going on a little shopping spree while on the ship then you need to make sure that you have enough money for it because stuff can be really expensive on this ship. Even the food and beverages which are not included in your bundle price can be a little expensive and you just have to be thoughtful about it.

Princess Cruises Travel Tips

  • Princess cruise is known for its food as it is the best cruise line for food lovers. They have partnerships with the best and award-winning chefs in the world. They are famous for their steakhouse in Crown Grill, a classic Italian trattoria, Sabatini's, and fine food at Share. They have a pretty good variety in their food but their mainstream offerings are pretty good too! Princess Cruises have the best burgers and Pizza at sea in Alfredos.
  • They have original shows that can only be seen in Princess' theatres. They have partnerships with many artists and their partnerships have brought three unique shows to them. Except that they have such amazing shows that involves Magic to Do, the hugely popular, and voice of the Ocean.
  • Princess Cruises have the best luxury cruise ships and their Sanctuary is on a different level that includes fancy sun loungers, and hot tubs that almost look like a day spa. There is a pass for entry with prices from $20 for half a day or $40 for full day. The food is complimentary and even though you can enjoy their healthy fruits, snacking, beef burgers and beer, etc.
  • They have entertainments for kids to have fun and enjoy their time in art classes, pizza parties, talent shows, programs from the California Science Centre, try their luck at the Lego boat-building contest, and learn cake decorating and jewelry making. Princess Cruises has an amazing beach house for teens to hang out without their parents.
  • They have a wide range of activities for families in their cruise as to watch blockbuster movies at the poolside with complimentary popcorns, cookies, milk, and blankets. Most people go there with their families on vacations as they have Family funfair, carnival themed party, mascot magicians and entertainers.
  • Princess Cruises' tours are unique as they have collaboration with Discovery and Animal Planet to explore with amazing activities like get up close to sharks in Hawaii, whales in Alaska or sloths in Costa Rica.
  • Princess Cruises has Piazzas on their deck where people enjoy a glass of wine and enjoy artistic performances. The place looks very royal and luxurious as it has the first-ever Sea Walk, a glass bottomed walkway offers jaw-dropping view beneath your feet.
  • Princess cruise have won 12 times from cruise critic the best cruise itineraries. Antarctica is a big deal but it's not just Antarctica that excites the people of Princess Cruises as they cruise to 380 different destinations.
  • They offer different adventures for the people of Princess Cruises that involve Icebergs breaking, husky dogs racing and captivating worldwide adventures. They cruise to all seven continents including Antarctica.

Princess Cruises Things To Do

  • Princess Cruises is considered as a very nice cruise company for families as it has experiences that allow both families and kids to enjoy their favorite activities as well as spend quality time together, It provides a destination that meets interests for both. They have activities that keep kids busy with their joy and entertainment so that parents can relax knowing that their child is safe, near them, and having fun. Princess Cruises offer a wide range of activities for kids between the ages of 3 to 17 and are welcomed with a myriad of games. The programs they offer for kids are Princess Pelicans, Shockwaves and Remix, etc.

    This company is best for teenagers too as they have events that include deck parties, hip hop dance classes by professional dancers, karaoke, Dj workshops, hot tub parties, talent shows, sports competitions, pizza ad mocktail socials. As teenagers love to play online games and Princess Cruises provides them with the latest PlayStation so that they can enjoy their own company and have fun and for girls, they have a teen makeover program, where participants can learn makeup and skincare techniques. Teenagers love to click photos and that is the reason Princess Cruises provides them a session of photography as well.

Princess Cruises Frequently Asked Questions

  • What kind of trips can I take with you?

    There are multiple ways of taking trips with this cruise ship company. Princess Cruises in one of the top 3 largest cruise ship companies and it offers so many trips for its guests that if you don't have a clear plan then you might be really confused. Their itineraries include trips to Japan, Caribbean, Hawaii, Mexico, Canada, Europe and Asia. You can also celebrate your events onboard the cruise to enhance your experience manifolds.

  • How much would a tour cost?

    The cost of the cruise is affected by a lot of factors and it is very difficult to determine a definite number that would entail the prices of all the packages. The cost of each trip can vary by tens of thousands of dollars and quoting a single price that would reflect an image of how the price on any of the package will look like, is impossible. For a general idea the price of a 10 days long trip to Australia, which is about $800, is taken as a reference. Now this price is only the base fare and does not include a lot of services that you may choose for an extra price.

  • Can I take my family with the guide and not be stuck with other people?

    Tour guides for land excursions on these trips are usually made available according to the type of excursion that you will be taking. If your excursion includes going to a place by bus then there may be a single tour guide for the entire bus and this would ultimately result in you having to share the tour guide with other tourists as well but if you plan on reserving a tour guide only for your family then the best way to do that is by booking a private excursion beforehand.

  • Can I tell the agent what I want out of the trip?

    We will definitely encourage you to talk to your agent before taking the cruise. It will improve your experience on the cruise a lot if you already know what to expect from the cruise and that you do not over expect from your trip. Many tourists also talk to the travel agents before booking a cruise to clear their mind from any confusions and it is very helpful in giving you a clear picture of all the things to expect from your cruise.

  • Do they have support that can help me regardless of what time?

    Yes, you can definitely call the team of representatives over there at the Princess Cruises, they have different international help centers that you can contact in case of a query and they will provide support to you in solving the problem in hand.

  • What do the guides do for you?

    Princess Cruises visit many different places in the world and every place has a different culture and a different language. One can never be master of every culture and language, which is why tour guides are there to help us better understand these cultures and the languages that they speak. These tour guides are mostly locals of these places which gives them an edge of spending so many years in that destination which you just visited.

  • Do they have specialists that are working in each place?

    The team of Princess Cruises comprises of only the specialists and they have a legacy of their company's founding fathers that they have to protect. They have the experts working at each place, who have earned experience of several years in their designated fields.

  • What type of way can you travel when you are traveling through Princess Cruises?

    There are multiple ways of traveling with Princess Cruises. The most basic way is by going on a conventional ocean cruise to any of its locations or the other could be to go on the special cruises that are offered by this company. These special cruises may include Gateway Cruise that is only for a couple of days and is a great way to spend a long weekend. The other special cruise that is very famous is the World Cruise in which you go on a cruise for a couple of months and stay a couple of days at each port.

  • Who customizes the itinerary or things you are going to do ahead of time?

    The itinerary is customized by the specific department within this cruise company. They are experienced people who are designated to customize itineraries for Princess Cruises.

  • Where do you stay while you are at the destinations?

    Princess Cruises offers you very luxury options for your land excursions. You can customize your own land excursions and by doing that you can select your own choice stays at your destinations.

  • Is there a single supplement that can be used for travelers who are solo?

    There are no packages for solo travelers that will waive off the supplement fee because they don't have any single staterooms. All the solo travelers have to pay a supplement fee if they want the entire double occupancy stateroom for themselves. But if you book a little bit early then you might be eligible to get a discounted 50% only supplement fee.

  • On average, what is the group size like?

    Many excursions on your destinations will have large groups of around 20 to 36 people because you all travel in the same vehicle and they mostly book busses and passengers of each bus are in the same group.

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