Port of Call Information

Port of Call Information

Newport News, VA

Average Yearly High Temperature in Fahrenheit (°F)
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Newport News is an independent city located in Virginia. A recent estimate indicates the city's population has grown to about 195,000. In modern times, it is one of Virginia's bigger cities. The source of the name "Newport News" is not known with conviction. Newport News, known customarily as a blue-collar industrial city, is currently going through impressive changes to become accustomed to its growing affluence and relative significance as a key metropolitan nexus in the Hampton Roads region. Downtown Newport News Victory Arch, built to memorialize the Great War, sits on the downtown waterfront in Newport News. There are a number of landmarks and architecturally appealing buildings in the downtown area that seem to have been basically abandoned in favor of building new areas in the northwest areas of the city. It is hoped that one day more development would be put in the area to return it to its lost significance as an urban nucleus in Hampton Roads. The city is also celebrated as the birthplace of legendary jazz singer Ella Fitzgerald, Oakland Raiders quarterback Aaron Brooks and his cousin, Atlanta Falcons quarterback Michael Vick.

Things to Do

Find out all the history of Newport News Virginia at one of the museums or site you can visit when you go to this wonderful city. Visit the Endview Plantation, Virginia Living Museum, Mariner's Museum, Virginia War Museum, and The Newsome House Museum.

Driving Directions

From: Newport News International Airport

1: Start out going NORTHEAST on BLAND BLVD toward KELLY RD. 0.2 miles

2: Stay STRAIGHT to go onto KELLY RD. 0.1 miles

3: KELLY RD becomes MCMANUS BLVD. 0.1 miles

4: Turn LEFT onto SIEMENS WAY. 0.1 miles

5: Turn RIGHT onto BLAND BLVD. 0.3 miles

6: Turn LEFT onto VA-143 E / JEFFERSON AVE. 0.9 miles

7: Turn SLIGHT RIGHT onto ramp. 0.4 miles

8: Merge onto I-64 E. 8.9 miles

9: Merge onto I-664 S / HAMPTON ROADS BELT via EXIT 264 toward DOWNTOWN / NEWPORT NEWS / SUFFOLK / CHESAPEAKE. 4.6 miles

10: Take the 26TH ST / 27TH ST exit- EXIT 6. 0.1 miles

11: Take the 26TH ST ramp. 0.1 miles

12: Stay STRAIGHT to go onto 26TH ST. 0.1 miles

13: Turn LEFT onto HUNTINGTON AVE / US-60 E. <0.1 miles

14: Turn LEFT onto 25TH ST. 0.1 miles

15: Turn RIGHT onto WARWICK BLVD. <0.1 miles

16: End at 25th St & Warwick Blvd Newport News, VA 23607, US

Total Est. Time: 22 minutes Total Est. Distance: 16.74 miles