Port of Call Information

Port of Call Information

Helsingborg, Sweden

Average Yearly High Temperature in Fahrenheit (°F)
Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
30 30 36 43 53 60 62 61 55 48 40 34


Helsingborg is positioned in the southernmost part of Sweden, called Skane, and has an estimated population of 110,000. Helsingborg is Sweden's closest point to Denmark, with the Danish city Elsinore plainly observable on the other side of the strait of Oresund. Historic Helsingborg, with its many old houses, is an attractive coastal city. The buildings are a blend of old-style stone-built churches and a fortress in the center, and more modern commercial buildings. The streets vary from spacious avenues to small alleys. Helsingborg is a chief regional center of trade, transport and business. It is said that a substantial number of Swedes still travel to Helsingr to take advantage of more beneficial alcohol taxes there, even if recent currency changes have reduced the benefit. Indeed, it could be said that the Danish city of Helsingr built a significant amount of its industry on Swedish alcohol-tourists. Today the route is popular with day-trippers going to Copenhagen or simply enjoying the views from the ferries.

Things to Do

When you visit Helsungborg you should visit one of the two deluxe golf courses here. You can get a quiet game of golf at Rya or at Vasatorp, both are premiere courses will beautiful greens.

There are also a couple of historic sites to behold when you visit Helsingborg as well. You can go see Karnan, Sofiero Slott, Fredriksdal Open-Air Museum, and the Church of St. Mary. All these places have there own special features and will not disappoint.