Port of Call Information

Port of Call Information

Ponza Isola Di Ponza, Italy

Average Yearly High Temperature in Fahrenheit (°F)
Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
54 54 55 61 68 75 81 81 75 68 61 55


Ponza is the largest of the islands about 5 miles in length.  Ponza harbour is built in a natural amphitheatre formed by the hills of Madonna and Punta Bianca it is more than two hundred years old.  The semicircle of the harbour is dominated by the Bourbon Tower, a fantastic building developed on a previously existing watch tower.  The harbour reflects the variety of people that have come and left their mark on this wondrous land. 

Things to Do

Visit the "Turquise Caves" with small boats, during certain times of the day bodies in the water seem to have a turquoise hue. 

The Frontone beach inherits it name form the shape of the tuffaceous rock.  It is rather difficult to get to but with a guided tour you will find no difficulty in finding your way here.  The beach is a beautiful site with its hilltops, trees and water.  

Cave of the Smeraldi is another fascinating place to visit, the only possible way to reach it though is in a small fishing boat with the motor turned off.  On the roof of the cave one can see a small hole of the ancient Greek aqueduct.  This is not a place for anyone that is claustrophobic to visit but if you are not it is definitely worth the visit.

The Cove of the Inferno is a very interesting site to see.  You can see the tunnel of the Ancient Greek aqueduct, the cove goes into the inhabited center of the island.  During the second half of the XVII century large steps were formed in to the rock.  It reaches the homes to the port.  It is a nice stroll up the hill with a fantastic view.